About Us Felicia



At JENMAN African Safaris, creating unforgettable adventures is our passion. Helping share these experiences with the world is Felicia, our Digital Marketing Account Manager. Felicia’s keen understanding of the digital landscape allows her to craft online content that captures the spirit of an African safari. Through her efforts, she connects potential travelers with the magic of JENMAN African safaris.

Background and Expertise

Felicia, originally from Sweden, graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. Her love for travel has been a lifelong passion. While finishing her degree, she moved to Stellenbosch, South Africa, and fell in love with the country, making it her permanent home.

Felicia began her marketing career working with diverse clients, primarily in the tourism sector. A natural explorer, she’s well-traveled, having lived in Sweden, the United States, Australia, and now South Africa. Felicia takes every chance to explore, spending a year traveling through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the States. She’s also explored South America for several months, traveled Europe in a camper van, and enjoyed road trips from Cape Town to Namibia and around South Africa.

Working at JENMAN African Safaris perfectly combines Felicia’s passions: travel, marketing creativity, and problem-solving. She thrives on sharing the joy of African adventures with others, witnessing the delight of travelers returning from unforgettable safaris.

About Us Felicia