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Garth Jenman

Garth Jenman, the founder of JENMAN African Safaris, started his journey many years ago, where his reputation as a trailblazer in the safari industry grew. In the early days, Garth’s passion for wildlife and adventure led him to focus on creating unforgettable safari camping trips and over time, Garth’s expertise laid the groundwork for the establishment of a company that would bring African travel experiences to new heights.

“I didn’t imagine we’d ever grow to this size. It’s thanks to our hard working staff that drives the business forward.” – Garth

Garth started with one vehicle and guided most tours by himself. It wasn’t all plain sailing although he needed to get to know the workings under the engine hood intimately as he had to be the mechanic as well as a tour operator. He persevered and today JENMAN African Safaris is one of the leading safari travel operators in Southern Africa, East Africa and Madagascar.

“We evolve as a company and as our clients’ needs change, we change along with them.” – Garth


JENMAN African Safaris is a family-run tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa, with operational offices in Madagascar. At JENMAN, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading tour operators in Southern Africa, East Africa and Madagascar. Founded in 1998, we have grown at a steady pace and have achieved a reputation for reliability, safety, high levels of customer service and excellent value for money. We specialize in small-group set departures, tailor-made private guided safaris, self-drives and lodge safaris with excellent know-how and instant support for all our guests.

Our philosophy

To provide comfortable, more personal and interactive, holidays. JENMAN African Safaris has positioned itself to offer the best travel packages to suit to the needs of each individual guest; whether it’s a budget or an upmarket holiday, we cater for those who are looking for an amazing value-for-money experience.

We organize everything

JENMAN African Safaris will take care of all your travel requirements from the moment you arrive to the day you leave. You don’t need to book ‘this’ with one company and ‘that’ with another. Come to us and we can help you with flights, transfers, accommodations, day trips and even tailor-made adventures. Our rates are competitive. We offer great prices without compromising on value. We believe that value at affordable rates is one of the most important factors when choosing your safari holiday.

All-inclusive price

Our safaris are priced at an all-inclusive rate – which means that if you are visiting a national park, for example, the costs include both the access and the activity. Some tour operators expect you to pay the entrance fee to the activity yourself; we don’t. Some safari companies may cost less but, we always advise clients when comparing to see what’s included and what’s not – you may be in for a surprise! There’s nothing worse than having to use your spending money for activities and meals that you thought were included. For this reason we have priced our safaris at an all-inclusive rate. Our travel consultants are experts in all of these small details; if you have any questions, you can send us an email or use our live-chat function on the website. We know the secret gems, the best places to go and what animals you will see on your safari! Chat to us online.

We know our products

We have tried and tested all our products ourselves! We experience it before you do, so that we can give you the best travel adventure possible. And how do we measure that? If we love it and would like to do the trip again – then it’s a success! We have strict standards for all the accommodations we book, the vehicles that we travel in, and the places we visit. We only offer products that meet our high standards.

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