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JENMAN African Safaris is a family-run tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa, with operational offices in Victoria Falls, Madagascar and Tanzania. At JENMAN African Safaris we pride ourselves on being one of the leading tour operators in Southern Africa, East Africa and Madagascar. Founded in 1993, we have grown at a steady pace and have achieved a reputation for reliability, safety, high levels of customer service and excellent value for money. We specialise in small-group set departures, tailor-made private guide safaris, self-drive and lodge safaris with excellent know-how and instant support for all our guests.

Our philosophy: To provide comfortable, more personal and interactive, holidays. Jenman African Safaris has positioned itself to provide their customers with the product they require, whether it’s a budget or an upmarket holiday, catering for those who are looking for a value-for-money experience.


African Travel and Tourism Association

With over 350 members, ATTA is Europe’s largest trade association promoting Africa and creating a hub for the positive development of travel and tourism in Africa. ATTA provides a variety of services, one of which is fantastic networking opportunities entailing social gatherings and seminars in the UK and Africa, where members are better able to build up relationships with their counterparts within the industry. ATTA also has a helpline with dedicated advisors who are specialists in their fields, including; medical, legal, insurance and crisis management advisors. ATTA keeps members informed, connects members and their products to the African tourism network, and assists in finding answers to any question you might have. With over 1000 tourism and media specialists on their member distribution list, ATTA is almost certain to answer whatever question you may have.


Association For The Promotion Of Tourism To Africa

APTA’s main goal is to promote tourism to the African continent and its Islands. One of the ways in which this is done is to educate its members. APTA serves and leads its diverse membership through advocacy, innovation and information sharing, in an effort to strengthen and improve public transportation. All APTA members and staff work to ensure that public transportation is available and accessible for tourists in communities across the country. APTA also provides the travel community with bi-monthly educational programs, quarterly news, annual Discover Africa trade shows and familiarization trips. With continued growth and international recognition, APTA is an interactive resource for colleagues and clients who share the love of Africa.


Southern African Tourism Services Association

SATSA is a non-profit organisation that represents the private sector of the incoming tourism industry in Southern Africa. The organisation is dedicated to providing the highest standards possible within the tourism industry in South Africa and provides a strict Code of Conduct for its members to adhere to. SATSA is beneficial to not only businesses within the industry, but also to tourists. Anyone doing business with a SATSA member will have the peace of mind and knowledge that they are receiving the best service possible. Some key players in the industry represented by SATSA include transport providers, tour operators, Destination Management companies, accommodation suppliers, brokers, adventure tourism providers, business tourism providers and tourism service providers. SATSA functions as an authoritative, informative networking tool for anyone dedicated to making tourism in Southern Africa as credible and enjoyable as possible, especially within the international market. Being a SATSA member, Jenman African Safaris is fully bonded for your financial protection, no matter where in the world you book your holiday. Jenman Safaris offers you unbeatable financial protection and holiday security. SATSA Number: 914

Tanzania Association Of Tour Operators

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) was established in 1983 to represent the licensed tour operators and carrying out Advocacy for and on behalf of its members, to coordinate Public and Private sector Partnership, to undertake and publish research in matters connected to tourism activities and operations, to disseminate information to its members and relevant institutions. The Association also provides Training and Education to its members and employees.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Zimbabwe Tourism is an organization that works hard at increasing the tourism industry for Zimbabwe by promoting the best of Zimbabwe, news, events, interesting facts and tourism information. Zimbabwe Tourism offers top attractions, top activities and interesting information. Travel2Zimbabwe is able to offer Zimbabwe tours and safaris including some of the recommended travel areas from Zimbabwe Tourism.

Widesure Brokers Insurance

Widesure Brokers has established a reputation for providing Personal, Commercial and Niche Product clients with quality focused insurance products and independent financial advice from qualified and experienced professionals. Since Jenman Safaris’ destinations are generally not Westernized countries, you will encounter many different people, social habits, religions, cultures and mentalities. This, of course is one of the interesting elements of a tour but also something to be considered when you plan your trip. The hotels, local forms of transportation and services are rarely the same as at home. Keep in mind that these small inconveniences delays or discomforts may seem a little annoying but they will also add an extra dimension to your trip. When traveling, thorough preparation and a flexible attitude are always a major plus. Hence the need to prepare in advance for all eventualities, no matter how remote the possibility may be. As our guides are so important to us, this insurance also covers them while they are on the road on a Jenman tour. This covers guides, drivers and all crew members on a JENMAN Tour by insuring them for medical incidents, accidents and more.

Tour & Safari Association Of Namibia

Founded in 1989, the Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA) is a voluntary private-sector body that acts on behalf of its members to encourage the development of responsible tourism in Namibia, ensure standards and reliability in the Namibian tourism industry and further the common interests of Namibian Tour Operators. Members of TASA are committed to maintaining professional standards. Membership registration number: J01, full member of TASA.

The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa

FGASA, formally established in 1992, is a non-profit organization that represents individual field guides, trackers and organizations involved in offering professional field guiding services to tourists. FGASA assures the nature-guiding qualifications of its members by providing proper training and developing qualified nature guide assessors and moderators, thereby increasing the credibility of field guiding and tracking in Southern Africa. Guides are encouraged by FGASA to achieve higher levels of professionalism and improve the quality of service, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, as well as to focus more on the safety of tourists. FGASA also keeps members updated on industry developments and requires guides and trackers to be in possession of a valid, recognized First Aid Certificate. FGASA aims to promote a culture of professional guiding based on a strong ethical, well-informed, safety-conscious approach to provide the visitor to the African bush with a pleasant and memorable experience. Jenman African Safaris is proud to be associated with FGASA; FGSAS Number 11094.

Hospitality and Tourism Industry of Botswana

The Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana (HATAB) exists to promote, encourage and police excellence in hospitality and tourism in Botswana. It is HATAB’s role to ensure that all visitors, both from within and from outside Botswana, enjoy consistently high standards of service from the entire hospitality and tourism industry. The Association is an umbrella organization representing all sectors of the industry. Privately established and funded, it is the governing body for all its members.

Fair Trade Tourism Approved

Fair Trade Tourism Approved

As Africa’s leading responsible tourism organisation, Fair Trade Tourism signifies our dedication as a company to operate sustainably and to respect the human rights, cultures and environments we visit. We are now approved to sell Fair Trade holidays and we commit to the Fair Trade code of conduct.

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