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MOSI-OA-TUNYA: The Southern Skies Tour

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MOSI-OA-TUNYA: The Southern Skies Tour

I’ve decided to begin my blog with the title MOSI-OA-TUNYA (The smoke that thunders), because not only was it the highlight of my trip, but it symbolises everything I experienced on the Southern Skies tour. While I knew my itinerary and what each day had in store, I had no idea what would happen at each of those events. It was like a cloud of smoke that, when cleared, showed a majestic experience. And, let me tell, you Africa is one majestic place.

Tour of the Mighty Victoria Falls
This iconic experience is one of the highlights included on the tour and it’s sure to be a memorable one at that. Leaving our lodge and after a brief pit stop for an elephant sighting; we then approached the entrance to the Victoria Falls. The Smoke that Thunders – a sign situated at the entrance – is a real reflection of what you experience. Seeing the overwhelming enormity of the expansion, sounds of water gushing and misty air leaving you soaking wet adds a refreshing and humbling appreciation for nature at its best.

Pride & Picnic
So Thulani pulls over. Stops the vehicle. Gets out and joins us at the back of the  4×4 Safari Vehicle and in a very coy manner says ‘I can do it in 15 minutes and 53 seconds exactly’ ‘What can you do in 15mins?’ ‘Set up and make lunch. Time me and you’ll see’

And, he did just that! And it was not a rushed meal but in fact something we’d expect from and decent restaurant! I was Impressed and taken a back with the compartments of the vehicle which were pulled out and set up for a delicious and comfortable picnic lunch. Now yes as an employee of Jenman African Safaris , I am aware of the resourcefulness of the vehicle. However, nothing could have prepared me for the first hand encounter of the overall ability and multi-functional vehicle. #PROUDEMPLOYEE!

What’s on the Menu?  Cold meats, freshly baked breads and all sorts of salads… the variety was endless and all preferences are catered for. Gluten-free? Sorted! Although Road tripping conditions were not always of ‘kitchen standards’ hygiene left nothing to question and Thulani’s confidence as well as reassuring methods of preparing a full on feast outdoors, left the group with happy smiles and full tummies – amped, with high expectations  for the next spread.

Smack Bang in the Middle

When travelling, to some extent you know where it is you’re going but certain locations and sightings pleasantly and surprisingly seem to creep up on you! Like the close encounter we had with a female elephant. We were so close, I could smell her. Keeping in mind that it was mating season, this Nelly was not a happy camper. After a bath down by the water hole she scurried along to catch up with the herd. Anxiously we all remained silent whilst the agro elephant made her way past our stationed vehicle.

The Cherry on Top
Behind the smoke was the incredible animals I didn’t expect, the game drive food I’d didn’t think I’d eat and the majestic accommodation I didn’t think I’d sleep in. Luxury personified! The sorts of accommodation that’s selected for this particular tour leaves rooms oozing with authentic African inspired design décor. From vanity sets to grooming essentials like His & Hers wash basins, modern spacious showers and sunken baths exemplifies all your Safari desires.

But I know what you really want to know about. You want to know about the beds. Especially since you’ve been on long, exciting, game drives. The Poster Beds comfortably provide you with crisp white linen like the feather down duvet that warms you up and leaves you with a somewhat familiar feeling of being tucked in for the night. Let’s not forget the dimed lighting adding to a relaxed ambiance of the room and the soft allure of the mosquito nets stylishly leave you bite free.

So this is what I saw beyond the rising steam of water. But your experience may be different to mine. I’m glad I work for JENMAN as I’m able to see the dedication and effort placed in choosing the right lodges, the right tour guides and the right routes for tours.

They contribute heavily to the majesty of a Victoria Falls holiday. This escapade, for me. Priceless!

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