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Welcome to the JENMAN Photo of the Year competition, where we celebrate the amazing wildlife photos captured by travelers. The theme for this years’ photo competition is: Wildlife

Vote for: Fight for life

Juan Pablo Bonilla - Elephant - Fight for life

An Elephant herd was crossing a deep channel in the Okavango Delta. Some older mothers and younger sisters began crossing and it was a dream come true to see family making it through the channel. At some point only the trunks and forehead could be seen. Then came a mother with its very young one behind. This is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had the privilege to witness in Africa as the young was struggling to stay afloat was trying to grip its mom’s tail and following closely, almost trying not to loose contact. The look of despair and fear of the young has no description as well as its mom’s looking to the rear while trying to make eye contact for reassurance and confidence. Their eyes were all of it; that was telling everything about the moment.

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