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Johannesburg, Soweto & Apartheid Museum

South Africa

Discover Johannesburg’s beauty and wealth by exploring its urban environment. Visit the moving Apartheid Museum dedicated to recounting the history of the rise and fall of apartheid, all before setting foot inside the house of former South African president Nelson Mandela, learning about his history and his time spent in the township of Soweto. Discover the city of Johannesburg with its high skyscrapers and geometrical design, as well as the township of Soweto – rich in culture and a symbol of South Africa’s fight for freedom from apartheid. Duration – 8.5 hours.

Tour Highlights

Johannesburg – Johannesburg or “Jozi” as the locals call it is vibrant, edgy and full of creativity and African culture. This bustling metropolis is rich with South African history, entertainment and even safari adventures.

Soweto – Regarded as one of the most metropolitan townships in South Africa, Soweto offers a unique insight into the history and culture of South Africa. It originated in 1904 during the segmentation and Apartheid era as a township called Klipspruit, which housed many miners and local labourers who worked in Johannesburg, but were not allowed to live there. Now, visitors to this township can experience it through its museums, crafts, and traditional food and drink.


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