2000 Rhinos to be Rewilded

2000 Rhinos to be Rewilded

There are 2000 rhinos to be rewilded thanks to major conservation efforts. South Africa is home to the world’s largest private white rhino breeding program. This initiative was led by Platinum Rhino, a private captive rhino breeding program that has successfully bred and protected approximately 2000 white rhinos in South Africa.

This program stands as the largest rhino breeding initiative globally. Unfortunately, due to financial distress, Platinum Rhino had to place their farm and rhinos up for auction. Regrettably, no bids were made, putting this operation at serious risk. Fortunately, a non-profit organisation called African Parks, with the support of financial donors such as the South African government, was able to purchase the farm and all the rhinos on it, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing them to the wild.

African Parks has a proven track record of successfully relocating over 8000 animals across Africa, showcasing their capability to manage such a project. The organisation primarily focuses on rehabilitating and managing protected areas.

Over the coming years, by rewilding these 2000 rhinos and their offspring, African Parks aims to establish healthy rhino populations across Africa, ensuring their long-term survival. The organization’s goal is to rewild all 2000 white rhinos and their offspring across Africa within the next ten years.

This is an excellent project that has the potential to significantly alter the course of the white rhino population, offering hope for their future survival. To find out more about this exciting project head over to African Parks website.

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