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Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s largest and most famous national parks, known for its rich biodiversity and abundant wildlife. Hwange National Park is located in the western part of Zimbabwe, near the border with Botswana. It covers an area of approximately 14,651 square kilometers (5,655 square miles) and is just over 100 km from Victoria Falls. The park is particularly famous for its large population of African elephants, with estimates of over 40,000 individuals, one of the largest concentrations in Africa. Hwange National Park’s landscape consists of a mix of grasslands, woodlands, and mopane forests, providing a variety of habitats for its wildlife. In addition to its wildlife, Hwange offers opportunities to learn about the local culture of the region, including interactions with the local communities.

Wildlife to spot on safari in Hwange National Park

Four out of five of the Big Five can be spotted during a safari to Hwange National Park. Hwange is known mostly for its elephant population, estimated to be around 40 000, with the huge herds naturally migrating between water holes. Home to over 100 species of mammals, (including sable, roan, gemsbok and wildebeest), 400 birds and at least 10 different carnivores in its 14 651 sq km, Hwange is a highly recommended safari destination. Among the apex predators, lion, leopard and hyena may regularly be seen, with the endangered wild dog a high possibility.

Safari regions of Hwange National Park

There are three different sections of Hwange National Park – Robins (North West), Sinimatella (Central) and Main Camp (East). Each has its own distinct characters, pans, dominant species and ecology that can be experienced on a game drive in Hwange. The one noticeable and consistent feature throughout the park is the lack of water which means that game congregate around the water holes. Most pans are man-made in a conscious conservation effort for the survival of the park and its inhabitants. Water is pumped into the pans during the dry season, a savior for many species and a big reason for those incredible game sightings on safari in Hwange.

Robins Area

Robins area and Robins Camp have the highest concentration of lions in the park and should be included in a Hwange safari itinerary. A variety of must-see pans and hides in this area are:

  • Little Toms & Big Toms – (Hides)
  • Salt Pan
  • Crocodile pools
  • Mahohoma Seeps
  • Reedbuck Vlei
  • Detema Dam

Sinamatella Area

The Sinamatella area in Hwange has an expansive view over the park, as well as some surrounding pans and dams worth visiting for wildlife sightings on a safari to Hwange:

  • Mandavu Dam
  • Masuma Pan
  • Shumba Pan

Central Area

The central area of the park is where Main Camp is situated. Here you pay your entry fees for the day or the duration of your stay. Its pans and viewing platforms are some of the most wildlife-rich areas in Hwange, all year round. It also boasts a healthy birdlife, with carmine bee-eaters arriving for the rainy season, pairs of crowned cranes as well as the pennant nightjar. Recommended pans to visit when in the Main Camp area on a Hwange safari:

  • Nyamandhlovu Pan
  • Ngweshla Pan
  • Dom Pan
  • Makwa Pan

Hwange National Park is in a malaria area – consult your doctor on any malaria medication before your trip – as well as ensure to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants in the evening, and apply mosquito repellent to your skin.

There are three different sections to find Hwange National Park lodges, camps and private villas for the best accommodation and safari experience – Robins, Sinimatella and Main Camp

Hwange National Park Safaris

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