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We specialize in providing tailormade packages, private tours and small guided group tours throughout Southern Africa, East Africa and Madagascar. We offer a wide range of safari packages, including luxury safaris, family-friendly safaris, self-drive safaris, and adventure tours. Our itineraries cover a diverse range of destinations like Mana Pools, Andasibe National Park,  Kruger National Park, Serengeti, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Okavango Delta and the the Bangeweulu Wetlands. What sets us apart is our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. We work closely with local communities and conservation organizations to ensure that our tours have a positive impact on the environment and local economies. We also promote eco-friendly practices and support wildlife conservation efforts in the areas we operate. Our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides ensure that guests have a safe and memorable experience while exploring the beauty and diversity of Africa. Let us get you there!

The Hide - Hwange

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Great Trans-African Group Tours, Namibia

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Kruger National Park - South Africa (5)

A tailor-made package safari is a personalized and custom-designed safari, meticulously crafted to meet your specific preferences

Most Popular Destinations

Southern Africa, East Africa & Madagascar

Aquila Nature Reserve, Cape Town Safari
Aquila Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Cape Town, Garden Route, Kruger National Park and more

From rugged coastlines, astonishing flora, spectacular national parks and cityscapes filled with arts and culture, a South Africa safari will satisfy a wide range of bucket list experiences. Start discovering South Africa with a visit to Cape Town, the ‘best city in the world’, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, wildlife reserves and golf courses. Our luxury Cape Town villas offers a luxury experience like no other. Prepare for an adventure like no other as you embark on a journey to the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa. With its unparalleled wildlife diversity and untamed beauty, this extraordinary wilderness gem spanning nearly 20,000 km² is a safari seeker’s ultimate dream. Beyond its remarkable wildlife, Kruger National Park’s pristine landscapes offer a tapestry of striking beauty. The stunning vistas and ever-changing landscapes will leave an indelible imprint on your soul.

Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Mana Pools and more

Ecologically diverse and unique, and varied in landscape and culture, a Zimbabwe safari will satisfy a wide range of bucket list experiences. ​​Zimbabwe’s charm stretches from one side of the country to the other as its rich scenery offers an irresistible lure for safari seekers. Including wildlife havens like Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park and the astonishing sight of the mighty Victoria Falls in your Zimbabwe holiday itinerary are sure to create a memorable excursion. Both Mana Pools and Victoria Falls have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, together with the Great Zimbabwe Monument, the Khami Ruins and Matobo Hills. The famed Zimbabwe national parks teem with a great variety of wildlife, including the Big 5 and with the mighty elephant herds claiming a popular spot on all the best-of-Zimbabwe lists. A Zimbabwe wildlife safari is truly unrivalled. 

Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls 03
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Black And White Lemur Indri On Tree
Indri Lemur, Madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha, Isalo National Park, Nosy Be and more

Experience the most magical of journeys with a Madagascar travel package expertly planned by Jenman African Safaris. The breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife and pristine beaches make Madagascar the perfect place for the safari of a lifetime. Discover the best lemur experiences that Madagascar has to offer in the incredible Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. As Madagascar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is a landscape of towers, rifts and canyons. Marvel at the sight of a multitude of rare lemur species on your Madagascar vacation to Tsingy. Observing the cave-dwelling crocodiles in Ankarana National Park, will turn your Madagascar wildlife safari into an exceptional experience. This natural wonderland in Madagascar also boasts numerous lemur species, 14 different types of bats, 60 amphibian and reptile species and more than 90 bird species. 

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