BOTSWANA Food Must Try

BOTSWANA Food Must Try

One of the best experiences during travelling is to get to know other cultures, customs and traditions. A good way to start with these experiences is through trying the cuisine of the different countries. Botswana is renown for their rich range of wildlife. But only a minority of people know that the cuisine is exceptionally good and must most certainly be tried. Despite beans and maize, Botswana is also “famous” for the high quality of its local beef. Many tourists only eat the upmarket cuisine at the lodges. So why don’t you go beyond the average traveller and try the traditional dishes of Botswana?

Traditional dish Seswaa…
Botswana’s national dish is called Seswaa and should definitely be tasted when you visit the beautiful country of Botswana. All the local dishes use sorghum or maize as their basis. Seswaa is usually prepared by men who find it an honour to cook as meat is its primary ingredient and is a luxury in a poor country. It consists of stewed meat (mostly cow or goat) cooked in a traditional pot, with only salt and water. The meat has to be cooked for two hours before being served with polenta, pap and a leafy green, which is called Morogo. The Morogo is also known as the African spinach and is often used in traditional dishes.

Porridge (Bogobe) one dish for every day and every situation…
One dish which the Botswana’s can eat at any time or situation is Porridge, also called Bogobe. It’s made with sorghum, maize or millet flour, which is put in boiled water or milk. Sometimes the sorghum is fermented and when milk and sugar are added its name changes to “Ting”. This dish is often eaten in the mornings with Botswana’s special wild melons. The other version of this Porridge is cooked with water and served with vegetables, meat or dried fish.

I think today I’ll eat Worms…
Some of us could never imagine eating insects, but in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa the Mopane Worms are a popular dish. The blue and green caterpillar contains around 60% protein and a lot of calcium. They are hand-picked in the wilderness often by women or children. When the caterpillar has been picked, the outer shell is removed. After this they are either dried, according to the traditional style in the sun or they are smoked. Here they gain a special flavour. They can also be stored for several months, as they are an important source of nutrition in lean times. You can eat them in different forms; boiled, cooked, dried or fried, served with spicy or peanut-sauce or tomatoes and onions. Why don’t you give them a try? Not only for the taste experience, but for the protein.

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