Madagascar Beach Trips

Madagascar Beach Trips

Located just off the south-eastern coast of Africa lies Madagascar – an idyllic tropical island with stretches of crystal white sandy beaches, surrounded by azure blue waters that harbour a magical underwater world. From romantic getaways at a remote resort to a couple of days spent hopping between islands, there is something for everyone on the island of Madagascar. With over 80% of wildlife on the island found nowhere else on Earth, Madagascar is a unique and fascinating treat for travellers who love nature and want to experience all that it has to offer.

With days regularly punctuated with relaxed afternoons spent basking under the warm African sun and wading into the crystal clear waters around the island, Madagascar is a dream destination for those who want to experience island living at its best. Get inspired and take a look at our range of Madagascar options, we have put together a variety of travel packages that give you the perfect island experience you’ve been looking for!

One particular favourite amongst our existing clients is our range of Madagascar Beach Holiday Packages. Since Madagascar is an island, making the most of its unspoiled beaches is a must for visitors from all over the world. Depending on what you’d like to experience, Jenman African Safaris can also tailor-make a beach travel package of your choice. Here is our list of 9 beach trips to enjoy in Madagascar:

1000 Views of Madagascar
1000 Views of Madagascar

8-Day Lemur and Beach Package

If you’ve seen a certain popular children’s film, then you’re probably well aware of the existence of many different species of lemurs on the island of Madagascar! And because we at JENMAN African Safaris realise that these distinct and unique little creatures are a popular highlight for travellers to the island, we’ve designed an 8-Day Madagascar Lemur and Beach Package.

Between excursions to spot the island’s local lemur species and basking on the beach, you will be spoiled for choice as you make the most of your accommodation and the activities that it has to offer. Four nights of the 8-Day Beach Package will be spent at the Vanilla Hotel – a perfectly situated accommodation on the island of Nosy Be. While there, you can spend your days exploring secluded islands nearby, famous beaches, and the surrounding azure waters that harbour an incredibly diverse array of ocean wildlife.

The second accommodation that you will stay in while on the Lemur and Beach Package is the Vakona Forest Lodge, which is situated in Madagascar’s Andasibe National Park. The park is renowned the world over for being home to the island’s biggest lemurs and during the day you’ll be able to go in search of these awe-inspiring creatures. The final night of your Lemur and Beach Package will be spent in the capital city of Madagascar, called Antananarivo. Offering a different pace from what you’ve previously encountered, you’ll be immersed in the buzz of the city atmosphere and get a final delectable taste of the spice of life on the island of Madagascar.

Madagascar Lemurs
Madagascar Lemurs

Madagascar St. Marie Beach Package

If you’re a fan of Robinson Crusoe and the concept of losing track of time while living on an idyllic island, then the Madagascar St. Marie Beach Package is just the travel package you’re looking for. Not only will you be able to spend your time relaxing on the tropical beaches of this African island, but you’ll also be able to really immerse yourself into its island atmosphere.

Ile Saint Marie offers the ideal destination for travellers who really want to relax, without the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourist destinations. It’s a small island near the main island of Madagascar and, despite its size, offers amazing beaches and a full range of activities to fill up the hours in a day.

From scuba diving to snorkelling, reading a good book on your favourite beach to trying your hand at a spot of deep sea fishing, you’ll be able to really feel as if you’re living the life of Robinson Crusoe – albeit with a little more luxury and a lot more fun!

Ile Sainte-Marie Island, Madagascar
Île Sainte-Marie Beach Package

Madagascar Nosy Be Beach Package

Nosy Be is a popular destination for visitors to the island of Madagascar. A smaller island just off the main island’s coast, Nosy Be features stunning stretches of unspoiled beaches, as well as warm and clear waters in which you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive.

Because of the popularity of the island of Nosy Be, we put together the Madagascar Nosy Be Beach Package that offers five days full of everything you’d want and need from an island holiday. With the first three nights on Nosy Be spent in the Vanilla Hotel, you’ll have the perfect point from which to branch out and explore the island. Summit the peak of Mont Passot and enjoy beautiful views that seem to stretch endlessly into the distance, visit a Ylang Ylang distillery and find out for yourself why a nickname for Nosy Be is Nosy Manitra, or “The Scented Island”.

After four days of excursions to smaller islands, lemur spotting and visits to the bustling local market, you’ll be transferred to the capital of Madagascar, the city of Antananarivo. This bustling city will add the perfect finishing touch to your Beach Package holiday by giving you a taste of buzzing city life on the island of Madagascar before you finally head home on the fifth and final day.

Ravintsara Wellness Spa - Nosy Be - Madagascar
Ravintsara Wellness Spa – Nosy Be – Madagascar

Madagascar Island Hopping

If you can’t make up your mind as to which island you’d like to visit while on your travels to Madagascar, then we’ve got just the solution – an Island Hopping Beach Package that provides tiny tastes of all that there is to experience and enjoy.

While on the Island Hopping Beach Package, you will spend your nights in a range of comfortable accommodations as you journey from island-to-island in the northern archipelago of Madagascar. Each island has its own incredible sights and activities on offer and you’ll be able to combine the fun of an island hopping adventure with the magic that each island has to offer.

Highlights of your Island Hopping Beach Package will include snorkelling in Marine Reserves like Nosy Tanikely, having lemurs jump on your shoulders at Nosy Komba, exploring lush rain forests in the Lokobe Nature Reserve, and boarding an exhilarating speed boat to travel between islands as you explore this incredible southern African island. Discovery and adventure await you, so prepare to set sail on an unforgettable 8-day adventure on the islands of Madagascar.

Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar

Ile Aux Nattes Package

If lazy days spent relaxing in a hammock, and long afternoons divided between exploring an island and swimming in the warm sea, make up your idea of an island holiday then the Ile Aux Nattes Package is the perfect beach getaway for you.

Designed to deliver a Robinson Crusoe styled-getaway, the Ile Aux Natter Package ensure you unwind on a small island that features tropical beaches and crystal clear waters for your entire enjoyment. Warm sunny days will allow you the opportunity to snorkel in the depths of the ocean, where an array of ocean wildlife await, or kick back in a hammock as you soak up the African sun.

Accommodation comes in the form of a bungalow at La Petite Traversee and your adventure is limited only by the number of hours in a day. Enjoying the peace and privacy of a secluded island, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between pirogue trips around the island, snorkelling in the warm sea, deep sea fishing, scuba diving into the ocean’s depths, and seasonally dependent whale watching trips.

Ile aux nattes
Relax on the beautiful private beaches of Ile Aux Nattes

8-Day Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer

Spend 8 days experiencing the south-eastern island of Madagascar, as well as the luxury and adventure that it has to offer. One of our most popular tours, the 8-Day Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Southern beach package will see you travel from Antananarivo to Manafiafy and Mandare, while experiencing the very best that the island has to offer.

The nights during your beach package will be spent staying in the luxurious camps of Mandrare River Camp and Manafiafy Rainforest Lodge, two exclusive accommodations that are surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. During your travels, you will be provided with the guidance and experience of a professional Malagasy Guide who can show you the sights, while providing invaluable insight into the people who live there and their fascinating culture.

Between times spent exploring the island, in the company of your Guide, you’ll be able to visit the Sacred Antandroy Forest, where you’ll cross the river on foot in search of the indigenous lemurs who call the island their home. You’ll also encounter a diverse range of bird life, while coming up close and personal with the beauty of the island and its natural terrain.

Fill in free hours with snorkelling and scuba diving, canoeing in the mangroves, walking in the rainforest and exploring deserted beaches, as you experience the island getaway of a lifetime.

We are a leading safari tour operator that provides world-class guided group tours and tailor-made packages throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and Madagascar, ensuring unique wildlife experiences.

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