About Us Fawaaz



The backbone of any successful travel company is a smooth-running operation behind the scenes. Here at JENMAN African Safaris, that key player is Fawaaz, our Technical Specialist. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, Fawaaz ensures our digital infrastructure is not only up to date but also optimized for peak performance.

Background and Expertise

Fawaaz, a native of Cape Town, brings extensive experience from various sectors of the travel industry. He thrives in his technical role at JENMAN African Safaris, overseeing the company’s reservation system, CRM system, and IT operations to ensure smooth functioning across all aspects of our operation. This frees up our team to focus on what we do best – crafting unforgettable African adventures. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family. When not adventuring, Fawaaz loves to enjoy good food.

About Us Fawaaz