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Will’s passion for travel shines through in the amazing experiences he creates for JENMAN African Safaris clients exploring Southern and East Africa. He’s dedicated to making sure every adventure is unforgettable, and we see that in all the great reviews he receives from happy travelers. Will works hard to plan every trip just right and pays close attention to all the little details so that every client has an amazing time tailored to their specific expectations and needs.

Background and Expertise

Originally from the UK, Will graduated with a diploma in tourism and began his career at a school travel company in London. After transitioning into finance, he later relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, where he rediscovered his passion for the tourism industry. Eager to advance his career in travel, he joined JENMAN African Safaris, enabling him to quickly grasp the Southern Africa tourism industry and, just as importantly, the unique and beautiful destinations that we work with.

With a solid background in consulting and sales, he now holds a consulting role at JENMAN African Safaris, dedicated to ensuring exceptional experiences for all our travelers. Will has had the opportunity to explore much of South Africa, as well as visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar, and Uganda. His next goal is to explore Botswana and Namibia on family vacations, two destinations known for their unique and breathtaking experiences in Southern Africa.

What makes Will special is his ability to foster positive relationships with travel suppliers and guests alike. He shows respect and sensibility to everyone and coordinates tours to ensure all needs are met, going above and beyond in attention to detail to make all our travelers’ experiences memorable.

About Us Will
About Us Will

Client Testimonials

“Will of Jenman coordinated a fabulous trip for myself and my 14 year old grandson. We visited Cape Town, Kwa Tu, Johannesberg, and went on a Safari. All of the hotel bookings were excellent. He arranged the transports between hotels and airports as well as all the tours we took. He suggested He was attentive, provided excellent tips for our travels, was responsive to questions and it all went incredibly smoothly. I highly recommend working with Will!” 
– Judith S

“It can be a daunting exercise to schedule a holiday on the other side of the world without face to face contact. I live in the U.S. and wanted to go to Zimbabwe and Botswana, two countries that I had never visited. Jenman safaris made this easy for me. After a pause due to the corona virus pandemic, I completed a trip after a two-year wait. The agent that assisted me, Will, helped by making suggestions and catering to my special requests and last minute changes. Everything Will arranged was perfect, including our transfers to three different locations…the transfers were completed without a hitch. I need special accommodations for a physical disability and arrangements for special diets. Everything was ready for me when I arrived in Africa with my 2 adult daughters. Communication throughout the entire process was absolutely fantastic, as was my stay in the two countries. I am very pleased with the services provided in arranging our holiday.” 
– Angela J


Ready for your next adventure? Contact Will at will@jenmansafaris.com, and together design your dream journey, tailored to your preferences.