About Us Zainub



Meet Zainub, our logistics manager at JENMAN African Safaris. From planning to execution, she uses her skills to ensure every tour goes smoothly, with guest safety and enjoyment at the top of the priority list. Her experience in sales and operations makes her a whiz at organizing everything behind the scenes, turning dream safaris into reality.

Background and Expertise

Zainub is a seasoned professional whose career journey has been nothing short of dynamic. With a solid foundation in sales and services since 2005, she transitioned into operations in 2013, showcasing their adaptability and knack for optimizing processes. However, it wasn’t until 2019 when she discovered her true passion in tourism. Now, as a logistics manager in the tourism sector, she has found her calling. Her expertise in logistics ensures that every tour is orchestrated and runs seamlessly, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of clients. Her friendly demeanour fosters strong relationships with suppliers, ensuring that the standards of JENMAN African Safaris are consistently met. Moreover, her hands-on approach to training drivers and guides significantly enhances the overall client experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who embark on their tours.

About Us Zainub