Why we love this AFRICA’s sense of Humour

Why we love this AFRICA’s sense of Humour

There is a well-known saying in Africa that locals and foreigners use to describe the absurd and bizarre things that happen on the continent.

This is Africa, also referred to as TIA, is a simple way to describe the ludicrous things that occur in Africa. It is not always easy to communicate this humour to foreigners on a Jenman African Safari tour but you can be sure that every tourist who has visited Africa will have their own stories to add to the acronym. We have compiled an array of weird, bizarre and downright ridiculous moments captured on camera that are just so TIA!

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Many people who have traveled to Africa will know of the hilarious signage, which is just as fun to look at as the incredible wildlife.

Why do two trips when you can do one?
Transportation can be expensive and a rare commodity in rural Africa where there is no access to public transport. The idea of doing one trip instead of two is a no brainer. Take a look at the smart ways these people have avoided an additional expedition – I’m sure FedEx could learn a thing or two!

Travel Bucket List Africa
Why do two trips when you can do one?

Wayward wildlife
Africa has an amazing abundance of wildlife found nowhere else in the world. But, with so many tourists trying to get the perfect photo, or get as close as possible to wild animals, you’re bound to see something completely out of the ordinary sooner or later.

Cheetah, africa | When African Animals Attack
Wayward wildlife in Africa

Keeping it crafty
Just because you live in rural Africa with little access to first-world amenities, does not mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life. One just has to be a little crafty!

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