Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest inland lake in Africa, the largest tropical lake in the world and the world’s second-largest freshwater lake by surface area. 49% of the lake lies in Tanzania, 45% in Uganda and 6% in Kenya.  

Wildlife to spot on safari at Lake Victoria

Make your Tanzania safari the holiday of a lifetime with a trip to Lake Victoria. With an area of 59 947 square kilometres, the vast body of water boasts an astounding and impressive array of wildlife. The impressive ecosystem that supports the myriad of species, covers an area of nearly 170 000 square kilometres, the size of the lake’s basin. 

The shores of Lake Victoria provide a haven for animals like hippos, elephants, clawless and spotted-necked otters, marsh mongooses, sitatungas, Bohor reedbucks and Defassa waterbucks that can be spotted on your vacation to Tanzania. Observe the large number of Nile crocodiles that call Lake Victoria and its wetlands home. Other reptiles to see on your Tanzania safari include African helmeted turtles and Williams’ mud turtle.

A great number of fish species call the waters of Lake Victoria home, with cichlids making up the majority of the species. The Nile and Singida tilapias are some of the most endangered species. A birding safari to Lake Victoria will reward you with fantastic sightings of more than 400 species. Highlights to be observed include the papyrus and black-headed gonoleks, shoebills, blue-headed coucal, swamp flycatcher, long-toed lapwing and Beaudouin’s snake eagle. 

Activities and experiences at Lake Victoria

You can be assured of an exceptional Tanzania safari experience at Lake Victoria with a variety of activities and excursions on offer. Include a guided safari to Rubondo Island and Saanane Island National Parks on the itinerary of your holiday to Lake Victoria. Rubondo is home to a wide array of animals, including elephants, giraffes, bushbucks, bush pigs and the shy Suni antelope. Saanane is the only place in Tanzania where De-brazza’s monkeys can be found while more than 40 bird species have also been recorded on the island. 

Visit the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and get a chance to observe countless rescued chimpanzees from a raised platform above their enclosures. Day trips to the sanctuary provide an exceptional opportunity to marvel at these fascinating great apes in a unique setting. Adventure seekers will have a thrilling time if Ssese Island forms part of their Lake Victoria vacation plans. The island offers activities like horseback riding, quad biking, fishing and hiking amid its beautiful natural setting. 

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