Livingstone offers a wide variety of attractions and experiences on a safari to Zambia, including a visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls, a mere 10 kilometres away. Historical, cultural and archaeological curiosity will be satisfied if you include this destination on your Zambia holiday itinerary.

History of Livingstone

Named after Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone, Livingstone holds much history that can be explored on a vacation to Zambia. Livingstone is situated a mere 10 km from Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town was established in 1905 during the building of the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe, a vision of Cecil John Rhodes. 

Take a peek into the past on your Zambia safari with visits to a handful of museums in Livingstone. The Livingstone Museum contains a collection of memorabilia relating to David Livingstone while the Maramba Cultural Museum features traditional dancing, singing and costumes. Observe transportation methods of yesteryear at the Railway Museum of the Mulobezi Railway while the Victoria Falls Field Museum houses geology and archaeology from around the Falls. 

Activities and experiences on safari in Livingstone

A safari to Livingstone will bring you face to face with the powerful Victoria Falls, the result of cascading water through a gorge in the Zambezi River. With a width of more than 1 700 metres, this spectacular curtain of falling water also borders Zimbabwe with the columns of spray above the Falls that can be seen from kilometres away. 

Whether it is jet boating on the Zambezi River,  bungee jumping or taking to a microlight above Vic Falls, the bustling town of Livingstone should definitely be included in your plans for a Zambia vacation. It is the perfect springboard into your Zambian adventure, fulfilling your historical, adrenaline and cultural appetite before heading off on safari.

The park has two main sections – a wildlife park in the northwest and the land adjacent to Victoria Falls. You can expect to see a variety of species on your Zambia safari to the park, including the endangered white rhino, elephants, buffalo as well as Angolan giraffe and Burchell’s zebra. Avid birders will be delighted with sightings of special raptors like the Taita falcon, Verreaux’s eagle, peregrine falcon and augur buzzard.

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