Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park

The Matobo National Park, boasts several fascinating attractions, forms the core of Matobo Hills. The Matobo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing the largest collection of rock paintings in Southern Africa with some dating back to the late Stone Age and the Iron Age. Track the endangered black and white rhinos in the Matobo Hills. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience on foot with an armed ranger and getting up close and personal to marvel at these iconic beasts.

Wildlife to spot on safari in Matobo National Park

A safari to Matobo National Park will overwhelm the senses as this natural haven of high botanic diversity houses a wide variety of fauna species. The park is home to the endangered black and white rhino and the species can be observed on a thrilling game walk, led by experienced game rangers. There is a designated intensive protection zone where the rhinos are closely monitored and protected. Other wildlife to be encountered on safari in Matobo National Park, include sable, zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, with a small leopard population who thrive in the rocky habitat. The birdlife lays claim to the highest concentration of breeding pairs of black eagles worldwide.

Rhino Tracking Matobo Hills
Rhino Tracking Matobo Hills

Cultural attractions in Matobo National Park

The history and culture of Matobo National Park invite you on a safari of exploration. In the local Ndebele language, Matobo means ‘bald heads’ – a reference to the granite domes in the area. These rocks exist as giant boulders, with smaller versions balancing atop the other, creating formations similar to art. The Matobo area is home to some of the oldest rock paintings in the world, making it a significant archeological and historical area.

The Matopos is also where the Ndebele people buried their great king, Mzilikazi, and where Cecil John Rhodes was laid to rest on the “Hill of the Benevolent Spirit”. Rhodes was a British mining magnate and politician who served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896. Exploring ancient grain bins from cultures of old, spending time learning traditional Ndebele rituals, or exerting yourself to climb rock faces, Matobo is a place to surrender to the gentle side of Africa.

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