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The Savuti Region borders Chobe National Park to the east and the Okavango Delta to the west, and is the ideal destination for the best safari to Botswana as it has some of the highest concentrations of animals in Africa.  

Landscape of the Savuti Region

The Savuti Region covers an area of over 5000 square kilometres – including the Savuti marsh and channel, the Mababe Depression and Magwikhwe Sand Ridge – and is an open invitation to explore this Botswana wilderness. The marsh is dotted with dead camel thorn trees, which have become a significant feature of the area and a photographic delight on any Botswana safari.

The mysterious Savuti channel has a history of flooding and drying up independently of good rain or floods elsewhere. Opening up into the Savuti marsh, the channel forms a mini-delta within the dry region. 

Wildlife to spot on safari in the Savuti Region 

Expect a dynamic game viewing experience when choosing Savuti for your Botswana safari. A highlight of your Botswana safari to Savuti will undoubtedly be to bear witness to the rare phenomenon that is the area’s elephant-hunting lions. Savuti is furthermore famous for its resident spotted hyena population. The large herds of buffalo, zebra and elephant congregate in amazing numbers in the dry season.

You will have the best opportunities for excellent sightings of a multitude of species when you book your holiday in Savuti between June and November as predators tend to lurk around the water holes. During the rainy season, from December to April, wildlife migrates toward grassy areas and the zebra migration is usually tailed by prides of lions.

Bird lovers will delight in species like kori bustards, red-billed francolins, carmine bee-eaters and water birds such as fish eagles and a variety of storks. The spectacle of thousands of quelea finches taking to the skies will make your Botswana safari a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Botswana Safaris with JENMAN

Experience 8 days of wildlife bliss on the Victoria Falls, Chobe & Okavango Delta safari package. Spend quality time in the Savuti Channel in the Chobe National Park on your holiday to Botswana. This trip starts in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and finished in Maun in Botswana.  

Spend 3 weeks exploring Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, experiencing a myriad of wildlife, culture and scenery on the Great Trans-African Lodge Safari. A couple of days in the biologically diverse Chobe National Park, marvelling at elephant-eating lions, will make your Botswana vacation a most memorable journey. 

JENMAN African Safaris has a range of Africa safari packages that allow you to experience the very best of Botswana and the rest of the continent.

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