Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia is an otherworldly stretch of coastline that you simply must explore if you’re a fan of natural landscapes. Located in the northern part of Namibia, this hauntingly beautiful region extends along the Atlantic Ocean. As you venture into the Skeleton Coast, you’ll encounter a desolate, windswept terrain where towering sand dunes meet the crashing waves of the ocean. The name “Skeleton Coast” is fitting, as the shoreline is littered with the eerie remains of shipwrecks and the bleached bones of marine creatures, creating a haunting atmosphere that seems straight out of a surreal dream. It’s a place of stark contrast, where the harsh, unforgiving desert meets the power of the sea, making it a destination like no other for those seeking a truly unique and hauntingly beautiful experience.

Namibia Skeleton Coast

Wildlife to spot at the Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia may seem desolate, but it’s teeming with unique wildlife that has adapted to its harsh and unforgiving environment. When you explore this remote region, keep an eye out for the desert-adapted elephants. These elephants have evolved to thrive in arid conditions and can often be seen wandering through the desert landscapes in search of water and food. The Skeleton Coast is also home to a population of desert lions, which have adapted their behavior and hunting strategies to survive in this arid environment.

The brown hyenas are known to frequent the area, foraging for food among the remnants of shipwrecks and the shoreline. Oryx, also known as gemsbok, are a unique antelope species are well adapted to the desert and can be spotted grazing in the dunes. The rocky outcrops and islands along the coast are home to large colonies of Cape fur seals, providing a spectacle of marine life. You might also encounter black-backed jackals and other small mammals that have adapted to the challenging conditions of the region. The Skeleton Coast is a paradise for birdwatchers, with numerous seabirds, shorebirds, and desert-adapted species like the endemic Benguela Long-billed Lark.

While the Skeleton Coast’s landscape may appear desolate, it offers a surprising wealth of wildlife that has learned to thrive in this rugged and unique environment. Exploring this area can provide you with the opportunity to witness the incredible resilience of nature’s creatures in the face of adversity.

Namibia Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast Accommodation

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Located in one of the most remote areas of Namibia, this luxury camp offers exclusive access to the Skeleton Coast. Accommodations consist of stylish tents with en-suite bathrooms, blending seamlessly with the desert surroundings. Activities include game drives to see desert-adapted wildlife, guided nature walks, and scenic flights over the Skeleton Coast.

Shipwreck Lodge

True to its name, Shipwreck Lodge offers a distinctive stay amidst the iconic shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast. The lodge’s design is inspired by the shipwrecks scattered along the coast, offering a unique and eco-friendly accommodation experience. Guests can enjoy guided excursions to explore the stark beauty of the desert landscape, encounter wildlife, and visit historical sites.

Desert Rhino Camp

Situated in the vast Palmwag Concession, Desert Rhino Camp offers an authentic safari experience in a pristine wilderness area. Accommodations are in comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms, providing stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape. The camp specializes in rhino tracking experiences, allowing guests the opportunity to observe these endangered animals in their natural habitat.

Damaraland Camp

This camp is in the Damaraland region, and offers a unique blend of luxury and wilderness adventure. Accommodations are in spacious, en-suite tents with private verandas overlooking the surrounding plains and mountains. Activities include guided nature walks to explore the ancient geological formations, visits to local communities, and wildlife drives in search of desert-adapted elephants and other species.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

Located on the edge of the Skeleton Coast, Sorris Sorris Lodge offers a luxurious retreat in a remote and untouched wilderness. The lodge features stylish suites with panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. Guests can enjoy a range of activities, including scenic drives to explore the rugged terrain, quad biking adventures, and cultural experiences with the local Himba community.

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