From the Armchair to the Safari Seat

From the Armchair to the Safari Seat

JENMAN African Safaris is celebrating the travel transition from the armchair to the safari seat! Having spent the last year travelling through our imaginations – day dreaming, wishing, reflecting and waiting for exploration to resume – we are ready for departure! 

Our passionate and experienced travel experts have curated a list of the top five cross continental tours which transport you from your couch, to the front seat of safari. Led by a private guide, these tours welcome you to wide open spaces, wildlife encounters and opportunities to connect to local cultures at each destination. Our imaginations have been stretched, and now it is time to stretch our legs, following in the footsteps of the wild.

African Safari
African Safari

Launching with a tour that leads you through two iconic national parks, our Chobe & Hwange Hideaway is the perfect taster to settle into our safari seats. Observing and exploring each park in a game drive vehicle as well as on foot highlights their unique characters and environments.  Staying at Camp Kuzuma, Chobe, will grant you access to the Kazuma Forest Reserve, nestled within one of the world’s busiest elephant corridors. Your safari seat ascends to the skies in a hot air balloon, rising above the earth to observe the wildlife below.

Woodland, forest, open plains and pans make up the very diverse habitat that is home to a variety of wildlife including lion, leopard, wildebeest, the rare sable, giraffe, buffalo and more, animals moving freely between the two. Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest national park, famous for its elephants. The area is also a haven to the endangered Painted Dog, boasting what’s thought to be the largest surviving groups in the world. Game drives from Nantwich lodge in northern Hwange will also offer the opportunity to see lion, the area holding a very healthy cat population.

African Safari
African Safari

From floating hides to traditional mokoro canoes poised in anticipation of adventure – our Botswana Sensations safari is an immersive expedition through ancient animal migratory routes and corridors. Here we explore the African terrain upon water as well as a safari vehicle, extending migratory routes to wild waterways. A safari to capture the senses, your seat may be found upon a mokoro, ready to row you between reeds which line hippo pathways beneath. Time in the game drive vehicle will be spent exploring the Moremi Reserve, an area of the Okavango Delta made up of floodplains, lagoons, acacia forests, mopane woodland and islands. Resident species include elephant, zebra, red lechwe, lion, cheetah and a thriving population of African wild dog.

African Safari
African Safari

Chasing the Sun is a wildlife experience like none-other – your seat atop a houseboat on the iconic Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. From the comfort of your cruise, the wilderness is your own. Views stretching to the horizon, fringed by the shores of Matusadona National Park, spend time daydreaming upon the main vessel, or explore the islands and beaches on a tender boat adventure. The tour ends at Kariba Safari Lodge, settling yourself into a seat with panoramic views of Lake Kariba.

Taking the wheel of adventure into your own hands, our Dunes of Namibia Self Drive is a fantastic way to discover the deserts of Namibia. Here, your time and safari seat are your own, the itinerary crafted to satisfy your appetite for diverse encounters and experiences.

Namibia offers scenic vistas and transforming landscapes, the opportunity of chasing horizons and embracing space. From wild horses to undulating dunes, through ghost towns and stark desert, these views and ventures will resonate long after the journey ends.

Tanzania, the heart of East Africa, showcases biodiversity like none-other, an area truly wild at heart. Our Unrivalled Tanzania tour guides you through its most iconic and abundant national parks. From the tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara, to the endless plains of the Serengeti and explorations of the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the most densely populated wildlife areas on earth – this itinerary should be on every safari seekers’ bucket list. One is literally on the edge of their safari seat with anticipation for what’s around the corner, simultaneously igniting and satisfying your curiosity for the wild. We are committed to helping you in the process of planning the perfect African safari. We will customize every part of the trip to meet your requirements, including accommodation, activities, and transportation arrangements.

We are a leading safari tour operator that provides world-class guided group tours and tailor-made packages throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and Madagascar, ensuring unique wildlife experiences.

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