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Getting ‘artsy’ with Food

Getting ‘artsy’ with Food

If you are a real ‘foodie’, then you’ll understand the frequent urge to let your taste buds loose and try something new, wonderful and exciting. My wife and I are like this, which is why we recommend you try the Spice Route in Cape Town.

Some of the finest craftsman in South Africa have come together to create a unique experience for your senses. French Pizza, home grown beer, chocolates made from coco beans from across the world, local wines, local biltong and skilful attempts to blend these tastes is what has made the Spice Route such a tourist attraction.

The Good Food
What we loved about the Spice Route was the variety of restaurants. There was the Spice Route Restaurant which served gourmet meals from top South African chefs and then there was La Grapperia which serves less expensive, but gourmet Italian dishes and burgers. We did find ourselves staring like avid window-shoppers at the Seafood platters from the pristine Spice Route Restaurant. However, since we did not have the money, we still felt content settling for a French gourmet pizza at La Grapperia. Although this restaurant was not of the same standard, it was still an experience with its view of the wine lands and its offerings of home grown beers, wines and its award winning Grappa (A grape based Italian brandy).

The Chocolate Tasting
The next stop was the chocolatiers for chocolate tasting. It was a few steps from La Grapperia in a comfortable hotel like bar. We sat as our chocolate guide took us on a tour of exotic chocolates from places such as Madagascar, South America, Tanzania and many more. We loved how they were able to pair certain wines with chocolates to bring out the taste and how they were able to make such creamy ice-cream with their chocolate.

Beer and a little biltong
You can have one of their home grown beers at any of the restaurants, but what is truly a taste explosion is to visit the Barley and Biltong Emporium where their beers are paired up with various biltong. Kudu, Beef and Springbok biltong is paired up with specific beers to further bring out the taste of the beer. This is quite a fun experience, especially when done outside overlooking the vast Simonsberg Mountains and the Paarl Valley.

The glass blowing studio
Our last stop was the little Glass studio. We imagined what we felt was similar to that of Hansel and Gretel when they walked in to a house made of sweets. Almost anything you could think of, they had made from glass. Statues, vases, lamp shades, sweet containers and decorations were all on display in their little store. This little studio was making glass designs for hotels across the world and we got to look into the factory as they worked on their beautiful art.

Overall the experience was unique, beautiful and relaxing. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy food adventures in relaxing atmospheres. If you would like to do this and are looking for a place to stay, have a look at our Cape Town site, it offers a range of beautiful hotels in the area where you can book online 🙂

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