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Introducing JENMAN’s most exclusive product range yet – JENMAN SELECT is designed to provide personalized itineraries with exceptional service and high-end accommodation. This luxury category offers privately guided custom tours in exclusive and remote areas of Africa. With itineraries of up to 10 days, these new luxury tours include a variety of unique experiences including guided bush walks, romantic picnics, cultural interactions, and unforgettable accommodation on boats, in tree houses, and at secluded sleep-out spots. Family friendly and with a conservation focus on all itineraries, JENMAN Select is poised to deliver the absolute best in a unique safari experience.

To ensure that your safari is both memorable and personalized, our JENMAN Select packages are thoughtfully pre-planned to include the best experiences a destination has to offer. Our itineraries offer a range of activities and attractions, carefully curated to showcase the cultural, historical, and natural wonders of each location. The beauty of these packages lies in their flexibility. We recognize that individual preferences vary, and our pre-planned itineraries can be easily adjusted to meet your specific needs. 

Customize your Tour by:

  • Swopping accommodations to match your preferred level of comfort
  • Adjusting the duration of the tour to suit your schedule
  • Tailoring the activities to align with your interests

JENMAN Select Packages are Excellent For:

  • Families or private groups
  • Travelers who prefer privacy
  • Travelers looking for a group tour add-on


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