Safari with an Ailment

Safari with an Ailment

At JENMAN we pride ourselves in assisting travellers to select the best tours and trips for a safari with an Ailment. Guests can have all sorts of requests from realistic to ridiculous, but our great sales consultants are prepared to handle just about anything. Please see below some advice regarding certain ailments that travellers may have concerns about.

Food Allergies

These days almost all properties are well equipped to deal with a wide variety of dietary requirements, from gluten-free to vegetarian. Even guests that have food allergies can easily be accommodated, as long as the properties are notified in advance. Food allergies and requirements are completely manageable in most of Southern Africa and especially in the private reserves of the Kruger National Park. If guests suffer from a very severe peanut allergy or celiac disease and would really feel more at ease being in charge of their own cooking then properties with self-catering in cities such as Cape Town or along the Garden Route are a great option.


Travellers with diabetes can rest assured knowing that their dietary requirements will be met when requested in advance. All our vehicles have fridges where clients can safely store their insulin, as well as any snacks they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Most properties will have mini fridges in the bedroom. In the instance that there isn’t a mini fridge, properties have been happy to offer their kitchen fridge.


Asthma sufferers will always travel with an inhaler but in some cases may even need to travel with a nebuliser for emergencies. If that is the case then it’s important that the property has electricity and a plug in the bedroom. It will only be the most remote properties that don’t have electricity such as Khwai and this will always be mentioned upfront. Dust can be a trigger for asthmatics so it is better to book more modern and pristine properties and to avoid rustic accommodation and thatched roofs. Bear in mind as well seasonal triggers such as pollen, Cape Town in spring is not ideal but the rest of the seasons are fine.

Sleep Apnea

Sometimes the travelling companions of sleep apnea sufferers feel like they are at more of a disadvantage having to listen to the noisy slumberer’s snores! In this case, we recommend properties that provide a high level of privacy to guests. Especially when staying in tented camps, make sure to enquire about and book properties where the tents are spaced far apart. If the guests are travelling with CPAP machines then electricity and plug point will be needed, however even in the few remote camps that don’t have electricity we have been able to make a plan by charging the machines in the vehicles. As you can see there’s no reason not to book the trip of a lifetime. Just remember that communication can be the cure to any concerns. Our fantastic sales consultants are also happy to advise on a case by case basis, so get in touch!

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