Out of Africa • Best of Luangwa • 7 Days

Out of Africa - Best of Luangwa

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Our group tours are also offered on a private basis, and can be customized: Our experienced travel consultants will design bespoke, private itineraries according to your needs and budget. 

Experience the breathtaking wilderness of South Luangwa National Park on this safari tour. Begin your adventure at Tafika Camp, located on the picturesque banks of the Luangwa River. Enjoy thrilling game drives and witness up-close encounters with elephants, hippos, and lions under the guidance of knowledgeable armed guides. Next, transfer to Chikoko Tree Camp, nestled within an acacia grove. Immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness as you embark on morning and afternoon walks, accompanied by experienced guides. Discover the secrets of the bush and admire the diverse array of wildlife, including abundant birdlife. Stay in uniquely raised en-suite chalets that offer stunning views of nature.

Continue your journey to Chikunto Safari Lodge, a boutique luxury lodge in the heart of South Luangwa National Park. Engage in exhilarating day and night drives, walking safaris, and river cruises. Experience the wonders of the Luangwa Valley and observe nocturnal species in action. Relax in spacious tented suites, enjoy superb cuisine, and take in the breathtaking views from the elevated Stargazing & Sleepout platform. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the “Valley of the Leopard” and create memories to last a lifetime on this unforgettable safari tour.

While on a safari in Zambia, you may get the opportunity to see the Thornicroft’s Giraffe and the Cookson’s Wildebeest, both of which are endemic to South Luangwa National Park.Get in touch with one of our safari and travel specialists with your questions about availability, rates and transport options for a safari to Zambia. Our travel consultants are able to assist with tailor-made tours and travel packages for your unique needs.


Day 1

Tafika Camp, Zambia
South Luangwa National Park

Days 2 – 5

Chikoko Tree Camp, Zambia
South Luangwa National Park

Days 5 – 7

Chikunto Safari Lodge, Zambia
South Luangwa National Park


  • 6 x Breakfast
  • 5 x Lunches
  • 6 x Dinner
  • Accommodation and meals as mentioned in the itinerary or of similar standard
  • Return airport transfers as specified in the itinerary
  • Services of an English-speaking driver guide on the excursions specified
  • Activities and excursions as mentioned
  • Park entrance fees unless otherwise stipulated
  • Laundry
  • Contribution to the Luangwa Conservation Fund


  • Flights: International & domestic
  • Pre and post tour accommodation
  • Drinks not mentioned
  • Personal expenses such as gratuities, telephone calls, curios, travel insurance etc

Pre-Tour Information

15min flight to Mwanya/Lukuzi airstrip (optional extra)

(RASair luggage restriction: 15kg bag + 5kg hand luggage per person and should be packed in softbags)

1hr30 – 2hr drive from Mfuwe Airport to Tafika

Arriving for Safari

Get some rest on the first day of your arrival – you may need some time to adjust to a different time zone. Rather arrive a day early to rest and start off your tour refreshed and ready for adventure!


When you need to exchange your currency, avoid any exchanges on the street or in other areas that may seem suspect. Always note that even when people approach you with an, e.g., 50% premium exchange rate offer, this exchange is considered part of the black market and is illegal! Hotels, Camps and Lodges can change money, but sometimes the rate is slightly lower. We recommend that you visit an accredited Bureau de Change.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in most areas as well as at bigger hotels and lodges.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

The larger towns in Southern Africa have pharmacies and hospitals, but you should always make sure you have enough of your medicine in case the pharmacies/hospitals don’t stock them.


In most areas you can call internationally – however please note that some of the smaller areas may not have these facilities and international phone calls are costly. Also, built up areas and towns do have cell- phone reception!

Passports, Documents and Valuables

Please make sure that you keep your passport, documents and any other valuables with you at all times! We recommend that a copy of these documents should be made and kept in another safe place in case something happens to the originals. Never leave valuables alone and remember you are on safari, so expensive and valuable jewellery is not necessary.


Every area (any where in the world) can be unsafe at times. Please take common precautions at all times and never walk alone, especially at night or in run-down areas!


Remember to always check the amount of luggage you are allowed to take on the plane as well as on the Safari Vehicle – they may differ. We recommend that a soft bag is used instead of a hard suitcase as it’s preferable on safari. Most air flights allow for 20kgs and our scheduled safaris are limited to 15kgs per person. Don’t forget to put luggage tags on your suitcases (for the airplane and the safari).

Luggage and Medication

Please be advised that you should put any medication that you need (e.g.: diabetes medication) into your hand luggage, even with the strict regulations, airlines will allow that as long as you have a letter from your doctor.

What to wear

You are on safari and out in the bush so make sure that you are comfortably dressed with comfortable shoes. Always have a mix of clothing including; summer clothes, light raincoat, warm top and a hat.


Please be on time when you meet your vehicles for the game drives. If you run late you may delay the rest of the trip or miss something wonderful!


Always remember that the African Sun may look gentle but it is strong and can be harsh. Too much sun can lead to headaches, dehydration, nausea and dizziness. Rather look after yourself by using sun screen and a hat versus trying to get a nice African Tan.

Drinking Water

In built-up areas the water is safe to drink (mostly in South Africa) however, some areas it is not safe to drink the tap water at all! So we rather recommend that you drink bottled water at all times to prevent any illness. You may use the tap water to rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth! Ice is generally fine to consume, but sometimes it is better to be cautious. We advise you to rather drink bottled water at all times in Africa!

Food and drink

Africa is famous for its fruit and fresh vegetables – which can be enjoyed all around Africa. Fruit and Vegetables should be peeled before eating. Drinks (including spirits) and cigarettes can be bought in most areas but are normally quite expensive. On our Safaris we do provide most/all meals which are prepared by our guide or at a lodge.

Anti-malaria medication

A lot of areas in Africa are affected by Malaria – we strongly recommend that you take your anti-malaria medication. Take your medication exactly as its prescribed and directed, don’t skip any medication! At the end of your safari, if at any time you develop influenza symptoms please consult your doctor immediately.

Power and Electricity

Most places (hotels, lodges) have electricity. But we always recommend that you should take a flash light with you on safari. Always remember if you plug something in (e.g.: One of your appliances) there may be a different voltage! The usual voltage is 220-240 AC. If you appliance does not match this voltage you need to bring a converter with as some lodges may not have a converter for you to use…


There will be many amazing photo’s that you will want to capture along the way on your safari. But, you need to make sure you don’t take any photos of any people without their permission. Also, never take pictures of anyone/anything in the military, police force, armed forces, government, presidents or airports.


The animals in the bush and the ones that you may see on safari are wild and should not be approached! Animals may roam freely around so be observant and cautious when walking from place to place.


Tipping is not included in meals unless there is a service charge included in the bill – then you don’t need to tip. Normal tipping is 10% of the bill for drinks and food. Tipping for guides and drivers are always appreciated and range from US$5 and US$10 per day…

Driver-Guide/Safari Guide

Your driver and guide is complete with experience, information and knowledge of all the areas that you will travel to. Be sure to ask them lots of questions and feel free to chat to them about anything.

Day Itinerary
Upon your arrival at Mfuwe Airport, you will be met and transferred to Tafika Camp, nestled on the picturesque banks of the Luangwa River. Depending on your time of arrival, you will embark on an afternoon game drive where you’ll have the chance to encounter the rich wildlife that inhabits the area.
Day Itinerary
After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we set off towards our next destination. Depending on your itinerary, a short drive will take you to the river crossing, where you’ll begin your exploration of a pristine wilderness. Accompanied by an experienced armed scout and guide, you’ll embark on foot and make your way to the camp. Over the next three days, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in refreshing morning and afternoon walks, with frequent stops where your guide will unveil the secrets of the bush. This wilderness area boasts exceptional game viewing, offering guests frequent and wonderful sightings. Being on foot and fully immersed in the landscape adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience. Bird enthusiasts will also delight in the diverse array of avian life that graces the area.
Day Itinerary
Embark on an adventure filled with exciting activities and abundant opportunities. From captivating day and night drives in the South Luangwa National Park to thrilling walking safaris, immerse yourself in the wonders of the Luangwa Valley. Experience the unique behaviors of nocturnal species on our mesmerizing night drives and uncover the delicate relationship between the ecosystem and the communities, on enchanting river cruises.
Day Itinerary Our safari ends after breakfast. You will be transferred to Mfuwe Airport. We hope to welcome you again one day on another of our African adventures!
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