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Track Gorillas and Chimps in Uganda

Track Gorillas and Chimps in Uganda

Traditionally people travel to Uganda to track gorillas in their natural habitat, but, did you know that you can also track chimpanzees in their natural habitat there too? The Kibale Forest National Park is said to be one of Uganda’s most gorgeous tropical forests and is home to many forest wildlife including chimpanzees. Even though the chimpanzees are the most sought-after primate by visitors, one can also expect to see black & white colubus, red-tailed monkey or the grey-cheeked mangabey.

The Jenman Safaris’ tour also includes the Gorilla trekking in the mountains of the Bwindi National Park… We can’t guarantee you will see both chimps and gorillas on our brand-new safari however, we can guarantee that if you do – there will be no other trip in your lifetime that will be able to compare to this very special once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This is an 8–day Uganda Discoverer Safari is a brand new product for JENMAN East Africa by offering clients the opportunity to see gorillas but also chimps – priced from USD 2340 / EUR 1920 plus park fees (subject to change) of USD 795 / EUR 655.

This safari also includes a boat cruise a canoe ride and numerous exploration trips into Uganda’s top highlights! To find out more, or contact JENMAN East Africa.

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