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Alternatives to a Game Drive Safari

Alternatives to a Game Drive Safari

Safari by game vehicle can be an incredible way to explore the African bush. While this is the most common and least expensive way to discover the wilderness, game watching in a vehicle can have its drawbacks. Often, you are limited by predetermined roads and the loud noise of the engine can scare animals away (especially shy ones like leopards).

Here are some exciting other means by which to explore southern Africa’s national parks.

Horseback Safari

Safari by horseback is a fantastic way to traverse the African bush. Not only are you able to go pretty much anywhere, but you will be able to get far closer to a number of animals than you would in a vehicle.

Horse Riding Safaris, Horseback Safaris
Horse Riding Safaris, Horseback Safaris

Hot Air Balloon

Why not do a safari from the air? It’s absolutely thrilling and makes for truly memorable photographs. A hot air balloon safari tour offers an entirely new perspective of your surrounding environment and gives tourists the chance to experience natural beauty from a completely new angle.

Walking Safari

A walking safari is a great way to learn about your surroundings, and the smaller animals, vegetation and insects that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to observe on your typical game-viewing safari in a car. With a trained guide or transitional bushman, you will be surprised how much fascinating flora and fauna surrounds you.

Microlight Safari

A microlight is a small, light one- or two-seater aircraft, which can make for a exhilarating way to see Africa. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted! This spectacular experience offers passengers exceptional panoramic and unhindered view of a big game and wilderness areas.

Helicopter Safaris

A helicopter like a microlight is ideal for going game watching. A number of game parks offer the service of helicopter safaris, which are ideal for groups between 2 and four people. However, helicopter rides can be costly and usually need to be booked in advance.

Boat Safaris and River Cruises

Whether it be by barge, speedboat or mokoro, a boat is another fantastic unconventional means by which to go game watching. As animals, particularly in the dry season, are drawn to large bodies of water, you can be almost guaranteed to see big game. Boat safaris are also ideal for birdwatchers.

Zambezi River Cruise
Zambezi River Cruise

Cycling Safaris

If you like to get your adrenaline pumping through your veins whilst you are on holiday then a cycling safari might just be the ideal choice for you! The great thing about cycle safaris is that you can choose to them as a mere afternoon activity or as your main mode of transportation during your entire safari. Just make sure to check travelling distances and what type of terrain you will be cycling on, as these tours cater to people of varying fitness levels.

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