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Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg, also known as the Drakensberg Mountains, is located in South Africa and extends through the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, Free State, and Eastern Cape. The Drakensberg is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and rich cultural heritage.

Things To Do at the Drakensberg Mountains

Visitors to the Drakensberg Mountains have a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy. The region is home to diverse plant and animal species. Visitors can go on guided nature walks or game drives to spot wildlife such as eland, baboons, mountain reedbuck, and numerous bird species. The Drakensberg also has several nature reserves and parks, including the Royal Natal National Park and the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Drakensberg is renowned for its ancient rock art, created by the San people (Bushmen) thousands of years ago. Guided tours take visitors to caves and rock shelters, providing insights into the rich cultural history and artistic heritage of the area. Thrill-seekers can indulge in a range of adventure activities, including mountain biking, horseback riding, white-water rafting, abseiling, and rock climbing. The rugged terrain and scenic surroundings make the Drakensberg an ideal destination for outdoor adventures.

The mountain range offers breathtakingly beautiful drives with panoramic views. The Sani Pass, a winding mountain road, is a popular route that leads to Lesotho, offering stunning vistas along the way. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting traditional villages, interacting with the Basotho people, and experiencing their customs, music, and cuisine.

The Drakensberg’s picturesque landscapes provide fantastic opportunities for photography. Visitors can also enjoy the tranquility of the mountains, relax in luxurious lodges or campsites, and rejuvenate in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

The Drakensberg Dozen

The term “Drakensberg Dozen” refers to a hiking challenge or goal set by outdoor enthusiasts and hikers in the Drakensberg Mountains. It involves summiting the twelve highest peaks in the range. The Drakensberg Dozen is a popular endeavor among avid hikers and mountaineers seeking to explore and conquer the region’s most prominent peaks.

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

The 12 peaks of the Drakensberg Dozen:

  • Thabana Ntlenyana (3,482 meters / 11,423 feet)
  • Mafadi (3,450 meters / 11,319 feet)
  • Injisuthi Dome (3,412 meters / 11,191 feet)
  • Champagne Castle (3,377 meters / 11,076 feet)
  • Giant’s Castle (3,315 meters / 10,876 feet)
  • Makoaneng (3,274 meters / 10,741 feet)
  • Mont-Aux-Sources (3,258 meters / 10,688 feet)
  • Cathkin Peak (3,149 meters / 10,331 feet)
  • Monk’s Cowl (3,147 meters / 10,324 feet)
  • Champagne Castle-East Peak (3,143 meters / 10,312 feet)
  • Champagne Castle-West Peak (3,119 meters / 10,233 feet)
  • Mount-Alexander (3,105 meters / 10,187 feet)

Each peak presents its own unique challenges and rewards, offering breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment for those who complete the Drakensberg Dozen. It requires careful planning, physical fitness, and mountaineering skills to tackle these peaks, making it an exciting and fulfilling adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Thabana Ntlenyana is the highest peak in the Drakensberg mountain range and is also the highest point in southern Africa. It is located in the Kingdom of Lesotho, a landlocked country within South Africa.

The Drakensberg Mountains offer a range of activities that cater to nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, culture seekers, and those simply looking to unwind amidst stunning scenery.

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