Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain, Cape Town

The highest part of the mountain is called Maclear’s Beacon, which sit 1086 meters above sea level and is a stone tower that was built for a trigonometrically survey in 1863. From here, you’re granted panoramic views of the city Centre, Lion’s Head, Robben Island, Table Bay and other fantastic Cape Town highlights. South African safari goers will be thrilled by the Mountain, made predominantly from resistant sandstone with layers of shale below it. Travelling up Table Mountain is made easy by the cable car which also allows for a 360-degree trip up as it rotates.

Alternatively, we also recommend hiking on Table Mountain which exposes you to some of the fauna of the area, including dassies, porcupines, tortoises and mongooses, and if you are lucky you might get to spot the rooikat which is found on the slopes but extremely rare. The Cape Fynbos is also found on Table Mountain and is believed to consist of 2200 species of plants, including the Protea, the national flower of South Africa. There are five dams on Table Mountain and its slopes which supply water to Cape Town, reservoirs which were constructed between 1896 and 1907. The best time to explore Table Mountain on your South Africa safari with us is between the seasons, which allows you to avoid the Cape Town winter rains and the extreme heat of summer. Have a look at our range of South African safaris that include Table Mountain, or read about other South African attractions that you might want to visit during your safari with us.

Table Mountain - Cape Town
Table Mountain – Cape Town

Wildlife to spot on Table Mountain

While Table Mountain is not a traditional game reserve and doesn’t have the same animal density as the African savannah, the park’s unique ecosystem provides an opportunity to spot some fascinating wildlife against the backdrop of the iconic mountain and its breathtaking views. Remember to observe animals from a safe distance and respect their natural habitat to ensure their continued well-being.

Dassies (Rock Hyraxes)

Dassies are small, furry mammals often seen basking in the sun on the rocky slopes of Table Mountain. They are known for their social behavior and are related to elephants, despite their size difference.


These small, agile antelopes are adapted to rocky terrain and can be found on the cliffs and ledges of Table Mountain.

Chacma Baboons

Baboons are present in the Cape Peninsula, including Table Mountain. While fascinating to observe, it’s essential to keep a safe distance and not feed them to avoid any negative interactions.

Cape Grysbok

This small antelope species is native to the Cape region and can sometimes be spotted in the more secluded parts of Table Mountain National Park.

Caracal (Rooikat)

Though rarely seen due to their elusive nature, caracals inhabit the park and are medium-sized wild cats.


Nocturnal creatures, porcupines come out at night and can sometimes be seen in the park’s lower sections.

Cape Mountain Leopard

The elusive and rare Cape Mountain Leopard is known to roam the area, but spotting one is an extremely rare occurrence.

Various Bird Species

Table Mountain is a haven for birdwatchers, offering a wide variety of bird species, including the Cape Sugarbird, Orange-breasted Sunbird, African Penguin, and Verreaux’s Eagle.

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