Travel to AFRICA during Green Season

Travel to AFRICA during Green Season

For many the Green Season (November to February) is considered a terrible time to come to Africa. It’s hot, the animals are dispersed and the roads are muddy. For Sean Powell, Jenman Safari’s Operational Manager and all around adventure guru, the Green Season is when the African drama begins! Here are his reasons:

1. The weather is awe inspiring. The morning sunrise ‘greets’ you with a red glow that sets the sky on fire, as if to welcome you into the drama of Africa. So beautiful is the sunrise, says Sean, that the memory of it still sends ‘goosebumps’ down his spine. But that’s just the start as every afternoon the heavens open for a brief moment and a majestic storm, unlike anything you have ever experienced, cools the hot African plain.

2. The animals come to life. Animals and insects that you’ve never seen before, or didn’t even know existed, are out on full display as the hibernation is over and they’ve got mounds of energy. They’re not the only ones. See the mums and dads covered head-to-toe with their over active young and animals sitting amidst their prey, without touching them, as the food is plenty. ‘There’s a show which you don’t get at other times of the year’, says Sean.

3. The cultural atmosphere takes a sharp turn. The life cycle of most African tribes change. Suddenly food is in abundance and songs of rejoicing can be heard. The crops spring to life at the return of the rain and the longer days result in a time shift for people who don’t use clocks. ‘You can sit on the front seat and watch as the cultures change to adapt to a new a way of life’, exclaims Sean, ‘It’s incredible’

4. The flowers are in bloom. Unlike the rest of the year, the flowers come into bloom and Africa moves from a dry, dusty land, to a beautiful, green, picturesque work of art. This is the time Africa displays plant life that is only unique to Africa and much of it is a beauty untouched by human hand.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to come to Africa during the Green Season. So don’t wait, enquire now before the drama is over.

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