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African Cities for your Bucket List

African Cities for your Bucket List

Africa offers a wide array of options for adventure within its wild terrain as well as its city landscapes. From cosmopolitan to cultural, street markets to up market waterfronts, Africa has it all! As specialists we have selected three of our favourite fun-filled African cities for your bucket list, which incite curiosity and the need for freedom while the rhythm of Africa beats beneath their feet. Each destination has been linked to a tour that highlights the character and diversity of the country of origin.

Antananarivo, Madagascar: 1000 Views of Madagascar

African Cities for your Bucket List
African Cities for your Bucket List

Arriving at the capital’s airport, Antananarivo, a 45 minute drive into the city launches your Madagascan adventure. The drive itself is an experience, immediately meeting the character of the country as you travel down narrow main roads past quirky houses. Vast views of green rice paddies are a bold contrast to the earth coloured buildings – the housing materials made of natural materials and soil. The scenery and energy is vibrant, similar to Antananarivo.

Antananarivo (Tana) is a bustling, colourful centre filled with local personality. You are confronted with the wonderful and fascinating reality of Malagasy life, full of ambience. Local tradesmen line the streets selling their wares and skills. Explore the jewelers market in Antaninarenina Street, the large and colourful Thursday market of Tsenang Alakamisy, Ambohijatovo for second hand books and the Izay Maika for local food, among many more! The artisanal markets are a must see – a buffet of crafts from lace tablecloths, colourful straw bags, wood decoupage – all locally made. The city is the springboard for your exploration of Madagascar – surrounded by national parks and reserves waiting to be discovered.

Swakopmund, Namibia: Namibia Self-Drive

Swakopmund, Namibia
Swakopmund, Namibia

Swakopmund is a cultural, historical and cosmopolitan city on the west coast of Namibia between the ocean and the Namib desert. The city is a bustling and exciting destination filled with a variety of activities. As a break from desert dunes and Namibian heat, the oceanfront promenades and coastal shores are a welcoming break from wild exploration.

Its colonial architecture reflects Portuguese, Dutch, English and German influence. German presence still remains, especially in the cuisine with a range of beer houses offering German food and beer. Boulevards, street markets, restaurants, museums and aquariums will keep one entertained, outing options for both day and night.

Swakopmund attracts both the city, beach and adrenaline activity aficionados. Quad biking, sky diving, kayaking and parasailing are but a few of the action packed experiences the city offers. Walvis Bay is another city 30km away where one can charter a catamaran, go on a living desert tour or visit the flamingos. Swakopmund is the perfect station stop during your travels – refueling with civilization, the seaside, delicious cuisine and cultural curiosity.

Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town and Kruger Experience

Cape Town
Cape Town

Surrounded by nature and alive with the urban beat of Africa, Cape Town is simply one of the best cities in the world. The Table Mountain Range is famous for its diverse flora and fauna, as well as its panoramic views of the ocean. White beaches fringe the landscape, a beautiful contrast of colour from land to sea. 

The city and its surrounds offer something for everyone – from hiking, to surfing, to art and culture, to history as well as culinary adventures. Shark cave diving and parasailing call for the more adventurous, whereas wine tasting and pottery invite one’s calm curiosity. Visit the penguins in vintage seaside towns, explore the art galleries and markets in the city centre, eat fresh seafood along the Waterfront Harbour or spend your day tasting wine at one of the many accessible vineyards. An absolute must is a day trip to Cape Point, merely 70km from Cape Town  – a simply spectacular outing for nature lovers with white-beaches, rugged cliffs, fynbos vegetation and wildlife.

Cape Town is also an adventure springboard to the western cape. Small historical towns and National Parks are merely a few hours drive away – Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, the Cederberg Mountains, Grootbos, as well as the perfect starting point to explore the Garden Route. Contact us to fulfill your cultural curiosity and visit the cities where Africa’s pulse beats strong and true.

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