Growing AFRICA: One tree at a time

Growing AFRICA: One tree at a time

Jenman Safaris’ Grow Africa Foundation, together with Rosmead Central Primary School, spent a beautiful day in Scarborough planting trees to raise awareness for World Environment Day, which takes place on the 5th of June.

Grow Africa is a non-profit organisation run by Jenman Safaris and African Luxury Hideaways which aims to uplift the communities in which they work and travel, as well as promote environmental sustainability. We have chosen to partner with Rosmead Central Primary as it is a government-funded school on the doorstep of Jenman’s headquarters. The school lacks basic infrastructure, and through the efforts of The Grow Africa Foundation we hope to improve their school for all to enjoy!

The learners had the opportunity to spend the day on a pristine private nature reserve nestled between Scarborough and Misty Cliffs, where African Luxury Hideaways are in the process of building their new luxury 5-star eco-lodge.

Fifteen lucky learners enjoyed a field trip in one of Jenman Safaris’ game-viewing Land Cruisers, while they learnt about the fauna and flora of the area through bird watching and plant identification, as well as the planting of the Wild Olive trees which are endemic to the area. Each tree was generously donated by Just Trees. The learners sang songs on the vehicle the whole way, and were so amazed to learn how to really plant a tree (as were many Jenman staff members). Each learner named the tree that they planted and insisted that they visit again next year to see the trees’ progress.

The day ended with sandwiches and cool drink, which were gobbled up with much enthusiasm after all the hard work. The children also got some time to explore the property.

All in all, it was another successful partnership between Rosmead Primary School and Jenman African Safaris that was enjoyed by all!

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