Kenya’s Lake Bogoria turns PINK

Kenya’s Lake Bogoria turns PINK

Baringo County in Kenya has welcomed the return of more than two million flamingos to Lake Bogoria. The birds have migrated after the breeding season in February and March at Lake Natron in Tanzania.

James Kimaru, Game Warden at Lake Bogoria National Reserve said: “We have not received such a high number of flamingoes for the past two decades. This time they migrated a bit earlier than expected. We are doing an annual census of the birds in collaboration with Nature Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Birdlife International, tour companies and hoteliers in July to ascertain the exact number.”

Flamingos, Tanzania
Flamingos, Tanzania

Kimaru said the birds’ annual move into the area occurred in time for the high tourist season between mid-June and early July. “We are heading to a high tourist season from June to October and tourists will have a glimpse of the birds,” he says.

Aggrey Maumo, KWS Assistant Director in charge of the Central Rift Area, said since the return of the birds, the lake was pink. “We encourage local and international tourists to visit to experience it for themselves.”

KWS estimates that a large number of birds is due to rising water levels in the area following heavy rains in the county. The rains have created good water conditions, allowing algae to thrive, which provides plenty of food for the birds.

Published: 28 May 2018
Publication: Tourism Update

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