The Lesser Known Botswana

The Lesser Known Botswana

When people think of Botswana, there are a number of things that come to mind. These things include the countries wide open plains that stretch seemingly unending into the distance; or its range of wildlife that hunt, live and breed in the beauty and safety of its national parks; or even the unique opportunity offered to all who visit Botswana to immerse themselves into its culture, wildness and diversity.

The Botswana Untouched Safari that we offer is a testament to all of these things, and yet it’s also so much more. On this 13-day safari through some of the most beautiful regions to be found in Botswana and its surrounding countries of South Africa and Zimbabwe, adventurers find themselves in the thick of an experience that is reminiscent of the African adventures that writers like Ernest Hemingway so lovingly and obsessively wrote about.

But what about the other Botswana? What about the unique attributes that make this country more than just the stuff of your imagination, as dictated to by the pages of a good book? As you journey through the land, you’ll discover a whole new side to it that is yours to hold onto, and yours alone. From the culture and kindness of its people, to the majesty of its wildlife and the terrains in which they’re found, every experience you encounter on our Untouched Safari is one worth diving into, with both feet first.

On paper, there are a number of remarkable discoveries to be made on a safari through Botswana:

  • As the country with the most amount of meerkats, you’ll have ample opportunity to watch them and giggle at their skittishness.
  • According to a report published in 2007, there are more African elephants in Botswana than there are anywhere else in the world – this number was reported to be 133 829, which was significantly more than Tanzania’s 108 816 elephants.
  • About 4 000 people in Botswana can speak the language !Xoo, in which there are 112 distinct sounds (to put that into picture for you, English only has 40). The ! at the beginning of the name of the language represents the five basic clicking sounds of the language.
  • The inhabitants of the country call themselves “Batswana”, of which the singular is “Motswana”.

Off of paper, there is still a lot to discover such as the feeling of the vibrations in your chest, as the roar of a lion vibrates through the air from miles away. Or the sense of awe that overcomes you when you witness the tragedies and triumphs of Mother Nature played out before you from a seat on a safari vehicle. These little discoveries are what make a safari through Botswana into the unforgettable experience that it should be.

And they’re also the reason why your bags should already be packed, as you prepare to fly to southern Africa and set off on the adventure of a lifetime with us.

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