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Things To Do in Madagascar

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Things To Do in Madagascar

We’ve outlined some of the top things to do in Madagascar, the best times to do them and where to stay, to make the most of your time there. Even in this day and age the exotic island of Madagascar still remains largely undiscovered and unvisited, with tourists almost being put off by the sheer uniqueness of this unusual destination that they know so little about. To counter this, we have outlined some of the top things to experience in Madagascar, the best times to do them and where to stay to make the most of your stay there.


From the tiny mouse lemurs to the morning calls of the teddy bear-Esque Indri, Madagascar offers something truly unique for the wildlife lover. For those wishing to see the renowned dancing lemurs (sifakas) then the southern reserve of Berenty is world-renowned as well as the Relais and Chateaux private reserve of Anjajavy. Nothing however can beat the lazy ring-tailed lemurs which can be caught spread out sunbathing as the early morning sun comes over the horizon. If lemurs aren’t sweet enough for you as they are, then make sure you visit during the months of October and November when it is baby lemur season, ideal for those photographers amongst you!

Best place to see lemurs in Madagascar: Andasibe, Berenty, Anjajavy, Isalo, Ankarafantsika
• Best time to see lemurs in Madagascar: June to December


Despite the fact that baobab trees are dotted all over the island, the ideal location to view them is along the Avenue of Baobabs located in Kirindy. This breathtaking dusty road is lined with huge baobabs, towering like giants on either side watching all that passes beneath them. The best time to visit the avenue is just before sunrise or at sunset so you can take advantage of this spectacular setting in the best light. Aside from being a tourist attraction, baobabs have also been used locally for hundreds of years as sources of medicinal remedies and often use water resources as rain is trapped in their huge trunks forming pools for wildlife and even humans to drink from.

Best place to see the baobabs in Madagascar: Avenue de Baobabs, Kirindy
Best time to see the baobabs in Madagascar: sunrise and sunset

Things To Do in Madagascar


From private islands to luxury retreats, here are a few of the options available to you if you want to wind down at the end of your stay to the sound of a lapping shoreline in the warmth of the soft tropical sun.

Best beaches in Madagascar: Ile Sainte Marie, Anjajavy, Ifaty, Nosy Be
Top beach lodges: Tsarabanjina, Princesse Bora, Anjajavy Le Lodge


The east coast of Madagascar is a hot spot for world-class sightings of humpback whales as they migrate through the eastern oceanic corridor. The best times to see them is between the months of July and September as they populate the area specifically around Ile Sainte Marie. Our favourite lodge on this offshore island is the tranquil Princesse Bora Lodge, a boutique property with beach bungalows, great cuisine and private beaches.

Best place to see whales in Madagascar: Ile Sainte Marie
Best time to see whales in Madagascar: July to September


Spend 7 days on a kayaking adventure watching an abundance of wildlife, see untouched rainforest flora, drift over gin-clear waters and relax on white beaches to wash your stress away while putting you back in touch with nature.

Best place to kayak in Madagascar: South East of Madagascar, Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge
Best time to go: May to December

Things To Do in Madagascar
Things To Do in Madagascar


From the slightly chillier high plateau (the location of the capital of Antananarivo) to the hot southern deserts of the south, Madagascar offers it all. From the rainforests of the east and dramatic rock formations of Isalo to the Tsingy of the north and baobab lined avenues of the west, Madagascar surprises you at every turn, making for a truly unique holiday of a lifetime.

Best places for unique landscapes: Isalo, Ankarana, Andasibe
Best time to go: May to December

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