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Namibia Safari Tours

Namibia Safari Tours

Whether booking exclusive Namibia safari tours or combining it with a holiday to South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe, a trip to this gem of a destination should not be missed. Choosing Namibia as your safari destination, ensures you experience one of the prime holiday spots on the African continent. Namibia’s natural beauty and vast landscapes lend themselves perfectly to excursions and adventures that will create the safari of a lifetime. A visit to Namibia’s natural wonders will overwhelm the senses. The national parks and reserves in Namibia range from the open bush with plenty of wildlife to the barren and inhospitable coastal strip with its huge sand dunes.

Top of the list of attractions is Etosha National Park which boasts an impressive 114 mammal species. There are endless opportunities to also observe animals like desert elephants, lions, springbok and oryx in Namib-Naukluft National Park, Waterberg National Park and Skeleton Coast National Park. Steeped in history with a variety of sites, a Namibia vacation will attract the most ardent culture vultures. These include the legendary ghost towns of Lüderitz and Kolmanskop that have been claimed by sand, Twyfelfontein in the Kunene region and Spitzkoppe, a mountain range dating back more than 700 million years.

Elephant and Impala, Etosha National Park, Namibia
Elephant and Impala, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Your safari to Namibia can be planned for any time of the year as this scenic African country offers ample opportunity for exploration and discovery, depending on the preferred interests and activities. Namibia’s vast expanse is evident in the country’s different climate zones. Coastal regions like the Skeleton Coast and Swakopmund may be cloudy in the morning while deeper inland the Namib Desert experiences less than 1 cm of rain annually.

Dry season in Namibia

Namibia safaris is best experienced in the cooler and drier months of May to October. Wildlife and bird viewing are excellent as the animals are easy to spot when they gather around water holes. Daytime temperatures in Namibia during this time are pleasant but remember to pack extra layers for nighttime as it tends to be a lot cooler when the sun goes down.

Summer in Namibia

If you are planning to discover Namibia in the hot summer months between November and April, be prepared for hot and humid temperatures with thunderstorms in the afternoon. This is however also the time when a Namibia wildlife safari can deliver exceptional experiences, especially in a natural wilderness like Etosha National Park. The landscape is transformed into a lush green paradise and the great pans of water attract migrating wetland birds and flamingos. The best of Namibia is further on display in the myriad of newborn animals making an appearance.

Namibia Safaris, Travel Packages
Namibia Safaris, Travel Packages

24 Day – Northern Experience

The 24-day Northern Experience includes stops in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe and is ideal to make your Namibian holiday the safari of a lifetime. The expansive tour takes in the breathtaking sights of the Fish River Canyon, Swakopmund, Etosha, Sossuvlei and Damaraland in Namibia.

The Great Trans-African Lodge Safari combines the best of Namibian wildlife, culture and scenery with all the comforts of lodge accommodation in Botswana and Zimbabwe to make your vacation to Namibia a truly memorable one.

Complete the suggested itinerary with stops at Etosha National Park, Twyfelfontein, Swakopmund and the Namib Desert at your own pace.

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