Romantic Getaway to Madagascar

Romantic Getaway to Madagascar

I’ve come to realize that there are few things that can bring a romantic getaway to life as perfectly as the combination of a tropical island covered with pristine white sandy beaches. Imagine an island surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and sunsets that will take your breath away. If you are looking for a destination and romantic getaway that provides all the above and much more then you’d have to look no further than Madagascar. What better way to sweep your loved one away on Valentine’s Day than a trip to this amazing island…


The amount of thought and planning that it takes to prepare for a romantic getaway can leave you feeling stressed. You start to realize as you plan that you are faced with decisions, decisions …and more decisions! Thoughts run through your head as you are faced with searching for the perfect destination and romantic accommodation. Will the choice of food be the right one?

Will she or he like the scenery if you choose to go outdoors and so much more. It’s true to say then that there are a few factors to consider when planning the perfect Valentines getaway. In Madagascar, you have an island that offers many reasons to visit and strengthen the bond with your loved ones this Valentine.

Amazing Food

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and this can hardly be argued. One of the joys of a romantic visit to Madagascar will be putting a smile on your loved one’s face with some of the finest cuisines in the world. You will appreciate this melting pot of African, Arabic, French and Indian cooking styles that takes full advantage of the country’s rich bounty of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Malagasy cuisine uses plenty of spices to create a fragrant, rich and exotic new cuisine. There is so much to enjoy ranging from the islands famous fresh seafood to spicy curries influenced by the large Indian community.

A local favourite is the rice dishes combined with beef, pork, chicken, crab, fish, corn, peanuts and potatoes. Be sure to also indulge in some of the French style pastries with a Malagasy twist and I definitely suggest leaving room for dessert!

(Malagasy Cuisine)

Koba – Popular National Snack – A mushy blend of rice, banana, and peanuts.

Seafood Salad Platters – Choice of seafood & salad seasoned with ginger and lime juice.

Akoho sy voanio – A chicken dish prepared with rice and fresh coconut.

Foza sy hena-kisoa – A stir-fried crab, pork, and rice dish.

Picturesque Landscapes: From the moment you arrive at your choice of a romantic destination, you will notice one thing about Madagascar… the natural beauty of its great landscapes. From the stunning national parks that boast an interesting array of wildlife all guaranteed to leave lasting memories. You can look forward to lemur sightings, indigenous plant life, birdlife and an amazing variety of wildlife for a Valentines with a difference. After all the adventure just is sure to leave a day to take a dip in the warm tropical ocean then lie down with a cocktail, relax and do nothing at all on the picture-perfect sandy beaches…pure bliss!

Romantic Adventures: For those couples who love to mix relaxation and adventure. Madagascar offers activities such as snorkelling and diving together to witness incredible sights and experiences underwater. You can also look forward to kayaking, surfing or simply taking a romantic hike or trek. Who says you can’t mix fun and romance.

A day at the spa: After an adventure-filled afternoon of activities and tanning in the golden sunshine by the beach there is no better feeling than enjoying a body and soul-lifting day at the spa. Located on the northwest of Nosy Be in a four hectare parkland of endemic plants and trees is an amazing getaway perfect to spoil your loved one this Valentines. Ravintsara combines luxury and peacefulness. If you feel like relaxing, the hotel offers a wonderful spa and wellness area where you will enjoy your tropical dinners on the island listening to the calls of the exotic bush.

Because we at Jenman Madagascar Safaris understand the amount of planning that it can take to prepare a romantic getaway, we’ll be more than happy to tailor-make the perfect romantic Madagascar holiday package for you; guaranteeing you memories that will last a lifetime! Why not contact us to help you pick the perfect Valentines getaway.

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