Ruacana Falls, Namibia

Ruacana Falls, Namibia

In March of 2010 I was leading a tour through Namibia. One of our destinations was to be Ruacana Falls…I had been there a few times before, so I knew that the falls were dry at this time of the year (well, supposed to be!)… However, even when the falls are dry they are still a sight to behold with beautiful rock formations and of course there is also that ‘quick’ visit to Angola (where you can take your picture with a stone that states exactly where you are) which is always fun!!

I always try to prepare our clients about the scenery so that they are not too disappointed when they get there – especially since the falls were supposed to be dry… As we were driving towards the falls I noticed the line of the Kunene River snaking across the horizon – the line had no break in it (to indicate dryness) instead it was a sparkling line. Could it be?

Ruacana Falls was roaring!! After six years of guiding I never expected that I would see these falls in flood. What a magnificent sight. This picture doesn’t have the sound but it should give you an idea of the roaring splendour these falls provided us with. You never know really know what is around the next corner. And so Africa keeps enchanting and surprising me.

Written by: Chantal – guide for Jenman Safaris.

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