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Madagascar Lemurs
Safari Insights

Wildlife to Spot in Madagascar

Madagascar is a paradise for nature lovers, offering many fascinating creatures found nowhere else on the planet. The island’s separation

Safari Insights

Unique Landscapes of Madagascar

Visitors to Madagascar have the incredibly fortunate opportunity to explore a vastly diverse range of worlds all on one island

Princesse Bora Lodge Madagascar
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Madagascar Season Highlights

Travellers may wonder when the best time to visit Madagascar is and what they should take into account regarding the

Morondova and The Avenue of Baobabs
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Madagascar’s Baobab Alley and Tsingy

The most popular tourist destination in Madagascar – besides seeing lemurs and fossa – is East Madagascar where travellers can

Madagascar Baobab Avenue
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Why go on a botanical holiday in Madagascar?

JENMAN Madagascar Safaris offers travel enthusiasts an exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the spectacular endemic plants of Madagascar’s forests.

Aye-Aye Madagascar
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Weird Plants & Animals of Madagascar

For nature lovers, Madagascar represents the epitome of an ideal holiday destination. Cut off from mainland of Africa millions of

Madagascar Baobab
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Learning about Baobab Trees

Baobab trees have always caught the imagination of people. From the early San hunter gatherers to the British explorers, even

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