Wildlife to Spot in Madagascar

Wildlife to Spot in Madagascar

Madagascar is a paradise for nature lovers, offering many fascinating creatures found nowhere else on the planet. The island’s separation from mainland Africa about 88 million years ago allowed for these unique fauna and flora species to flourish and thrive. In Madagascar, there’s an incredible array of wildlife to spot, from the lemurs swinging through the rainforests to chameleons blending into their surroundings and baobab forests, Madagascar offers a wildlife experience like no other.



Madagascar’s most famous inhabitants are undoubtedly its lemurs. These primates are endemic to the island, and there are over 100 species, ranging from the tiny mouse lemurs to the massive indri. The ring-tailed lemur, with its striking black and white striped tail, is perhaps the most recognisable and can often be spotted in the dry forests and bush areas.

Grey Mouse Lemur
Grey Mouse Lemur


Half of the world’s chameleon species call Madagascar home, making it the ultimate destination for those interested in these colour-changing lizards. The panther chameleon, known for its vivid colouration and sizeable male specimens, can be found in the northern regions of the island. These creatures are a marvel of nature, with their ability to change colour, reflecting their emotional state and intentions, providing an excellent opportunity for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Jewelled chameleon - Madagascar
Jewelled chameleon – Madagascar


As the largest carnivore on the island, the fossa cuts a formidable figure in Madagascar’s ecosystems. Resembling a cross between a cat and a mongoose, this is a top predator in the island’s forests, preying on lemurs and other small mammals. While sightings can be rare due to their elusive nature, lucky visitors to protected areas such as Kirindy Forest Reserve may catch a glimpse of this the fossa.

Fossa - Madagascar
Fossa – Madagascar

Reptiles and Amphibians

Madagascar’s reptile and amphibian populations are incredibly diverse, with many species that have adapted to the island’s various climates and habitats. The leaf-tailed gecko is a perfect example, known for its unbelievable camouflage skills. These geckos can mimic the appearance of leaves so accurately that they become almost invisible in their natural surroundings. Meanwhile, the bright red tomato frog, which puffs up its body when threatened, offers a spectacular sight in the wetter parts of the island.

Boophis tree frog - Madagascar
Boophis tree frog – Madagascar


With over 280 bird species, of which more than half are endemic, Madagascar offers birdwatching experiences that are second to none. One example is the vibrant Madagascar pygmy kingfisher most often spotted in the country’s eastern rainforests. With its iridescent plumage and diminutive size, this tiny kingfisher is a joy to observe as it flits between branches in search of insects and small fish. For those keen on observing unique behaviours, the ground roller, with its unusual foraging habits and stunning plumage, should be at the top of your list.

Pygmy Kingfisher - Madagascar
Pygmy Kingfisher – Madagascar

The wildlife of Madagascar is supported by an equally unique array of flora. The island’s various ecosystems, from dry deciduous forests to spiny forests and rainforests, are home to numerous species of baobabs and orchids. The baobab trees, known as the “trees of life,” are particularly striking, with some species endemic to the island, like the Grandidier’s baobab, which is renowned for its massive size and longevity. A visit to the Avenue of Baobabs near Morondava at sunset is a truly magical experience.

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