Barefoot Safaris for your Bucket List

Barefoot Safaris for your Bucket List

Feeling the fine-grained sand under your feet, being aware of your toes digging into the sand and leaving a gentle impression with every step is a very strong sensual pleasure.

In the Southeast of Madagascar, private “barefoot” luxury tours of the island’s unique ecosystems explore magical landscapes that are incomparable to any other on earth. An exotic natural splendour, which at times seems to be out of this world, appeals to the senses of its visitors to an extraordinary degree. Almost all the animal and plant species of the island are indigenous. Majestic baobab trees, peculiar lemurs and ancestor worship of the native tribes add a pinch of magic and mysticism to the overwhelming natural scenery.


Baobab Alley

While this metaphorically named tour explores the best and most memorable places in the Southeast, visitors are not literally barefoot. Although you’re sure to enjoy the barefoot bliss of the warm, white sands of Manafiafy bay at least once during your trip, these luxury adventures are designed to deliver a ‘down to earth’ experience, connecting intimately with the raw beauty of the landscape.

The Beautiful Beaches

A barefoot safari provides the best of both worlds; a fully catered and expertly guided safari, with the unspoiled majesty of nature in all its glory. Luxurious, secluded, en-suite tents and French-trained chefs provide the perfect middle-ground between pampered 5-star lodges and ‘roughing it’ in the bush. This style of ‘glamping’ allows travellers to really immerse themselves in the adventure, exploring exclusive and secluded areas, while still maintaining a high level of comfort and convenience.

From this prime position, guests have private access to exceptional experiences, such as exploring the renowned spiny forests along the Mandrare River, one of the most fascinating biotopes in the world, and learning from its inhabitants, the Antandroy tribe, who share their strong spiritual connection to the land and their ancestors. Traditional dancing, day and night forest walks, a visit to the local school or village markets and other unique activities further immerse you into an authentic African experience.

Outdoor Dinner at Mandrare River Camp

Then, to really kick your shoes off, head to the coast where you can spend your time canoeing in the mangroves, exploring deserted beaches, scouting for whales, or snorkelling in the crystal clear tropical waters of Manafiafy Bay. The best time to travel for this intimate journey is shortly after the rainy season. It rains between December and April when the landscape turns into a tropical, green oasis for a short time. Jenman Madagascar Safaris offers Barefoot Luxury Safaris available in 8-day or 11-day tours.

We are a leading safari tour operator that provides world-class guided group tours and tailor-made packages throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and Madagascar, ensuring unique wildlife experiences.

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