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Our collection of private luxury villas offers an unparalleled escape to Kenya. Whether you seek an intimate getaway or a gathering with loved ones, our meticulously curated selection of rental villas promises a world-class experience tailored to your desires. From the captivating beauty of the bushveld to the magnificent scenery of mountains, each villa is a gateway to the wonders that Kenya has to offer. Discover a sanctuary of tranquility, exclusivity, and unparalleled comfort as you embark on an unforgettable journey in one of our private villas.

Private villas typically offer a range of luxurious amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. They provide ample room for relaxation and entertainment, allowing guests to unwind in utmost privacy. Private villas generally come with dedicated staff members, such as housekeeping staff, butlers and private chefs. These professionals ensure that your every need is taken care of, from housekeeping and maintenance to arranging transportation or organizing excursions. Private villas are also known for offering a wide range of high-end amenities to enhance your stay. These may include state-of-the-art entertainment systems, home theaters, gym facilities, spa rooms, game rooms, and even private tennis courts or golf courses, depending on the property.

Highlights of Kenya

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a dream safari destination in Kenya. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Land of Giants’, Amboseli is known for its population of big tusker elephants. This, coupled with the view of Mount Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania, makes it the second most popular park in Kenya, after the Masai Mara National Reserve. Amboseli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique ecosystem that includes natural dry mountain forests, mountains, savannah rangelands, wetlands and swamps. The landscape of Amboseli is dominated by the majestic snow cap of Mount Kilimanjaro as well as open plains and acacia woodland. The park is renowned for its excellent variety of wildlife that can be spotted on a safari to Kenya. 

Lake Nakuru

Situated within the confines of the national park, Lake Nakuru is part of a group of lakes within the Great East African Rift Valley and a must-see on a vacation to Kenya. A Kenya safari to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Lake Nakuru National Park will expose you to an abundance of wildlife and more than 500 bird species. A highlight of your Kenya safari to Lake Nakuru will undoubtedly be to bear witness to the phenomenon of the thousands of flamingos nesting along the shores of Lake Nakuru. The surface of the shallow lake is often hardly recognizable due to the continually shifting mass of pink. 


The country’s stirring landscapes, abundant wildlife and multitude of attractions from the bush to the coast, make it the perfect place to answer the call for adventure. The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is a bustling hub of museums, galleries and markets and is regarded as the gateway to wilderness areas of epic proportions. A strong theme of traditional Kenyan culture is evident throughout the city while a variety of restaurants offer a mixture of African and European fusion. Get a taste of history with a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum, located 10 kilometres outside Nairobi, on your holiday to Kenya. It is the former home of Danish author Karen Blixen, whose book “Out of Africa” about her life in Kenya, was made into the 1985 movie, starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. There is much to see in the centre of Nairobi with countless museums, galleries and markets to satisfy the culturally curious. The city is alive with the rhythm of afrobeat and jazz. Travel with your taste buds on your Kenya vacation with a variety of restaurant options offering a mixture of African and European fusion.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Regarded as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, more than two million zebras, wildebeest and gazelles annually move across the Mara Plains and the Serengeti in a massive movement that can be seen from space. Your vacation to Kenya will be filled with spectacular sightings as up to 8 000 births a day occur during the Great Migration while around 250 000 animals perish at the hand of the closely following predators. This massive movement takes place throughout the year as the animals move in a huge circle within the ecosystems of the Mara and the Serengeti. Use this month-to-month guide when you are planning your Kenya safari to witness the Great Migration. The Masai Mara National Reserve, home of the Great Migration, is undoubtedly the star attraction among Kenya wildlife safaris. Bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, it is one of the world’s most astonishing wilderness corridors. Over 100 different mammals and more than 570 Kenyan bird species roam this vast expanse.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is another natural gem within easy reach of Nairobi. A unique Kenya safari experience with large pods of hippos and flocks of flamingos awaits at this freshwater lake in the Great Rift Valley. Described as the jewel in the crown of all the East African lakes, Lake Naivasha is fed by the Malewa and Gilgil Rivers that attract a variety of species to be spotted on a safari to Kenya. Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake deriving its name from the Maasai word Nai’posha, meaning rough water as a result of the sudden storms that occur in the area. While the mornings at the lake are generally calmer, the afternoons can get a bit blustery with winds often creating high waves. While the lake is only 13 kilometres long and just five metres deep, the banks of Lake Naivasha are covered by papyrus and various forest tree species. This is the ideal habitat for monkeys and baboons as well a large number of hippos that can be spotted on your Kenya vacation to Naivasha. Other species to be seen are buffalos, giraffes, warthogs and gazelles. The rich plantlife around the lake is home to more than 400 different birds that will delight avid twitchers on a safari to Kenya. The lake boasts a great variety of fish-eating birds like herons, kingfishers, fish eagles, black crakes, cormorants and pelicans. 

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