Rovos Rail Adventures

Rovos Rail Adventures

Rohan Vos is the train-lover whose dreams of train travel around the African continent lead to the launch of Rovos Rail. With the company’s first journey embarking on 29 April 1989, Rovos Rail has provided train trips throughout Africa for the last 26 years and has been hailed as the most luxurious train in the world. If you’re intrigued by train trips and the continent of Africa in equal measure then you will definitely want to consider going on an adventure aboard the Rovos Rail train. Today, we take a look at what you can expect and offer a little wanderlust-inspiring glimpse a trip aboard the Rovos Rail on a journey through Africa.

The General Build of the Train

From its front to its end, the Rovos Rail radiates luxury in every aspect, from the interior design to the service you receive on board. Following the expected locomotive, generator and staff cars, guests are able to divide their time during the trip between several train cars. Guest sleepers provide a comfortable space in which to relax at the end of the day, where you can settle into bed for a good night’s rest, lulled into a deep sleep by the soothing sounds of the train as it travels.

For dining purposes, there are two cars that provide ample space for guests to enjoy either a romantic meal for two or a more festive dining experience with friends made along the way. Two lounges, one for smokers and the others for non-smokers, have been comfortably kitted out so that you will find yourself in the lap of luxury. And the Observation car at the very end features large windows and a unique open-air balcony that provides the ideal setting from which to view the enticing and ever-changing African landscapes that you travel through.

Food and Feasting

Meals are made into events aboard the Rovos Rail. Served in one sitting, you and your fellow passengers will enjoy every meal in the charming Victorian atmosphere of the dining cars. Each meal is complemented by a selection of the finest South African wines and a team of chefs are dedicated to ensuring your every need, regardless of your dietary preferences, are all catered for. Most meals reinforce the magic of the African continent by making use of fresh local ingredients and offering delicious traditional dishes – that even include the specialty of game meat – for you to enjoy. By paying such attention to detail when it comes to cuisine, Rovos Rail intends for its passengers to truly experience Africa, thus enriching their journey by engaging all of their senses.

Lounging Around on the Train

While dress aboard the train is kept Smart Casual, it doesn’t mean that guests are not able to sit back and relax in the comfort of the lounge cars. Deep sofas and wingback chairs provide the perfect places to perch as you indulge in a good book or even doze off for an afternoon nap. On some journeys, particularly the annual journey to Dar es Salaam, the lounge cars become a comfortable venue in which guests can enjoy lectures on an array of topics. For guests’ comfort, there is air-conditioning, but the windows can also be opened so that you’re able to really enjoy the sights and scents of Africa. While basking in the comfort of the lounge cars, you’ll be served by staff who are always willing to attend to your every whim, meaning that you’ll want for nothing as you enjoy your long-distance train journey across the continent.

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