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Enhance Your Safari With Add-Ons

Enhance Your Safari With Add-Ons

Some lucky travellers are even able to experience it more than once and they will still try to fit in as many highlights as possible.

As agents who want to ensure their clients have the best holiday, why not suggest some well-matched add-ons that will extend your client’s journey and allow them to experience more of what makes Africa so wondrous. It’s also an excellent way for agents to up-sell and receive more commission, a win-win for guests and agents alike! Our safari experts have compiled all the extra experiences that complement our guided group and tailor-made tours.

Boulders Beach, Cape Town

Southern Africa

Cape Town is consistently voted one of the world’s top travel destinations with its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant city life, magnificent wine tasting, and colourful people. Found all the way at the bottom tip of Africa – it’s a significant journey for anyone not hailing from this part of the world.

Cape Town International Airport has daily direct flights to Windhoek, Victoria Falls, and Maun which makes adding a Cape Town extension to a Southern African safari incredibly convenient. When booking the Cape Town Experience either at the beginning or end of a safari, guests will get to experience the city, embark on a full-day Peninsula tour that features such highlights as Cape Point Nature Reserve and the penguin sanctuary Boulders Beach, as well as venturing to the historic Winelands for some excellent wine tasting. Adding Cape Town as a tailor-made extension to a Southern African guided group tour is a no-brainer!

The Grootbos Experience is a fantastic add-on for any trips that start or end in Cape Town. Grootbos is an exquisite private nature reserve found only 2 hours outside of Cape Town. Here guests are surrounded by indigenous wildflowers known as Fynbos as well as an ocean that is home to majestic marine life such as Southern Right whales and Great White sharks. At Grootbos there is the option to book the delightful Honey Breakfast Experience and learn about the intricacies of beekeeping while enjoying the sweet rewards.

Elephant, Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Zimbabwe’s largest park covers about 1, 47 million hectares, and impressively contains one of the highest diversities of wildlife of any park on earth, with over 100 mammal and 400 bird species to discover.

Just 3 hours from Victoria Falls, it’s an easy extra bush experience to add. As a bit of a hidden gem, you won’t find large crowds or traffic jams while out on a game drive. We highly recommend adding a stay at the luxurious eco-lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange where guests will also be able to learn more about the fantastic resilience and positive spirit of local Zimbabweans on a Community Upliftment Experience, which really adds that special African touch.

For any guests staying at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange there is always the option to book a night under the stars at their sleep-out deck, The Eye which is a truly thrilling experience. Mana Pools is another wonderful extension to a stay in Zimbabwe. This World Heritage Site is on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River and draws healthy numbers of game seeking to refresh themselves.

Victoria Falls is the hub of safari travel to nearby Botswana, Namibia and, of course, Zimbabwe. Many of our Southern African tours start and/or stop here. Far from just being a convenient location, it is also the home of one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the mighty Victoria Falls! Travellers can make the most of their stay in this exciting location by either booking additional activities such as a historic bridge tour, a helicopter flip over the roaring chasm of the Falls, dinner on a vintage steam train, and a trip to Livingstone Island or even the terrifying/thrilling Devil’s Pool!

Don’t forget that besides being the home of national parks and game reserves that are a haven for the legendary Big Five and other African animals, Africa also has a massive coastline that has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as well as amazing marine life. Travellers looking to combine the bush with the beach can easily do so. For those visiting Southern Africa, Rio Azul in Mozambique is a serene tropical wilderness that offers not only the warm waters of the Indian Ocean but an ecologically important lagoon and Mangrove forest system. To enhance a Rio Azul stay, book an excursion to Paradise Island for sensational snorkelling.


East Africa

East Africa is the place for two of the world’s most bucket-list wildlife experiences, the epic Wildebeest migration across the Serengeti and the Masai Mara; and the opportunity to observe endangered Gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda or Rwanda. For the ultimate wildlife adventure, why not combine the two? Very few people can say they were able to tick those items off their bucket list quite as quickly. Our Tanzania Wildlife Breakaway and Journey to the Pride Lands safaris are both excellent holidays to pair with a Gorilla Adventure in Uganda.

Travellers with a passion for culture and a desire for sun, sand, and surf should consider adding the dynamic destination of Zanzibar which is just a short flight away where clear blue waters, ancient spice markets and fascinating architecture await. A wonderful opportunity to wash off the dry dust and heat of the bush and catch a bit of a tan before heading back home.

Ile St MMarie


Madagascar is the world’s 4th largest island and an intriguing off the beaten track destination. Visitors to the island are astounded by the incredible variety of endemic fauna and flora, with over 90 % of species being found nowhere else on earth. There are wonderful opportunities for guests to maximise their holiday in Madagascar, anyone who is spending more than a day in the capital city, Antananarivo, should book a Tana Cycling Tour – peacefully exploring the ancient Royal grounds on 2 wheels.

Andasibe Nature Reserve is only 3 hours from Tana, and cycling tours, as well as, night walks along the reserve are a great way to discover more flora and fauna, especially lemurs! Travellers who are spending more time in the Northern part of the island can take the opportunity to see more of the South Side on either a Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer or a Southern Flamingo Package. It’s also a great idea to add some whale watching or SCUBA diving at the island’s breathtaking beach destinations such as Ile St Marie or Nosy Be.

Safari Add-Ons

Travel Tips

Other travel tips that will ensure our guests have an incredibly satisfying holiday would be to choose the shorter Fly-In option of some of our most popular tours, such as the Northern/Southern Experience or Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari which can be both be upgraded to Fly-In versions. This reduces travel time on the road and in the case of the Botswana Cycling & Fly-In adds an extra fun activity to guests’ holiday.

There are so many ways to get that something extra out of a Jenman African Safaris holiday and our safari experts are the very ones who are incredibly well-versed in these add-ons and upgrades, just speak to them, they’ll make it seem so smooth and easy… all you have to do is book!

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