For the love of Safari & Sea

For the love of Safari & Sea

When we are trying to decide on a safari or beach holiday, we often feel we need to choose a single destination, with a single focus to have the single best experience of our lives. JENMAN African Safaris has recently debunked this travel myth, highlighting that you can have your safari cake, and beach it too! We have chosen four tours which celebrate both beach and wildlife, satiating one’s travel appetite above and beyond the shoreline, for the love of both safari and sea. Explore the turquoise blue waters of Madagascar, the historical skeleton coast of Namibia, the colourful cultures of Zanzibar or the warm Indian ocean waters of Mozambique. Interwoven between seaside adventures are the options to embark on walking safaris in search of lemurs in Madagascar, discover the rugged and untamed landscapes of Kruger National Park or witness the salt pans of Etosha National Park.


Madagascar is Africa’s largest island 450 km off the eastern coast of Mozambique. Its isolation from the mainland has resulted in a completely unique ecosystem, its plants and animals distinctive to the area. Madagascar is a vibrant mixture of stylish and rustic, wearing its heart on its sleeve as it reveals its treasures and welcomes tourism to its shores. It is a country full of colour and character in people, wildlife and landscape. Our Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer 8 day itinerary will take you through forests to find lemurs as well as to the white sands of Manafiafy, a small park with a big soul which lies at the heart of rainforest country. Remote beaches, riverine lagoons and lush tropical forests and mangroves make up the area’s ecosystem.


From wild horses to undulating dunes, through ghost towns and stark desert, your chosen Namibian venture will resonate long after the journey ends. The country is a mix of desert, semi-desert, savannah and coast. The unspoilt ecosystems of the Kalahari red dunes, to granite gneiss mountain backdrops, exploration of desert sands and colonial seaside towns each offer a platform for adventure. Etosha National Park is home to a healthy population of black rhinos, perhaps the most stable worldwide. It also boasts a great number of giraffes, elephants and lions – as well as flocks of flamingos in the rainy season! Our Namibia Self Drive itinerary allows you to take the wheel of exploration in your own hands, ready to experience safari and sea, the tour encompassing both.


Located off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is perfect as a beach holiday destination. Turquoise waters and white sandy beaches with accessible coral reefs offer the ultimate tropical paradise. The seas around Zanzibar, Mafia, Chole Bay and the Pemba Channel are considered among the best waters for diving in the Indian Ocean. This specific safari section of your trip will be beneath the sea, delving deep into the underwater wildlife world.  Zanzibar is a feast for the senses, holistically experienced on our Zanzibar Superior Package. Fulfill your adventure appetite under its waters, upon its white beaches, within its colourful culture or upon a traditional dhow, floating into the sunset.

Kruger & Mozambique

Our Kruger & Mozambique experience offers the ideal balance between safari and sea. Kruger National Park is unrivalled in wildlife and ecosystem diversity. The park is a flagship of wildlife tourism, and one of the world’s most popular safari destinations. There are over 145 species of mammals, 114 reptiles and more than 500 bird species. A safari seekers dream! Spend your days in serene relaxation at secluded lodges, enjoying private game drives and guided walks through the African bush. Then, head to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, snorkelling and kayaking, savouring the solitude of remote island picnics and setting sail on romantic sunset Dhow cruises.

From turquoise beaches, coral reefs, tropical vistas and fresh seafood, it is the perfect beach getaway. Its warm Indian Ocean waters are an invitation for submersion – spending hours floating, swimming, snorkeling or diving with whale sharks along its coast. Africa is a country quilted with options of adventure both on land and beside the sea. Principally known as a safari destination, it holds wonderful hidden gems of white sandy beaches and azure blue seas, waiting to be explored. A combination of the two is a recipe for the perfect African experience.

We are a leading safari tour operator that provides world-class guided group tours and tailor-made packages throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and Madagascar, ensuring unique wildlife experiences.

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