Hopping Along Islands

Hopping Along Islands

Sometimes the demands of everyday life can leave you feeling run down as you juggle a hundred “top priorities”. With the end of 2014 in sight, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and breathe, as you prepare for the final push towards the calm that 2015 will bring. Despite our best intentions and earnest resolutions, we end up right back where we are now – completely fried and barely keeping our heads above water.

In an effort to empower you to take the well-deserved break that you deserve, we’re taking a look at our latest offering when it comes to adventures on and around the island of Madagascar. So, grab a cup of tea and settle down to have your wanderlust tantalised with our 9-day Madagascar Luxury Island Hopping Package.

What’s it all about?
Spread across the course of 9 relaxing day, the Luxury Island Hopping Package allows intrepid travellers to explore Nosy Be and the little satellite islands that surround it. Highlights of the tour include Baobab Beach, one of the many secluded and remote private beaches to be found, as well as an array of exotic and exciting island activities, including snorkelling, a day and night jungle walk, and a sight-seeing trip to encounter the Island of Lemurs, Nosy Komba.
Itinerary for the Package

Days 1-2: Nosy Be to Baobab Beach, Madagascar
After arriving at the little airport of Nosy Be, you’ll be transferred for the first of many island hops to the breath-taking Eden Lodge, which is located along Baobab Beach. The lodge is completely isolated from what seems like the rest of the world as it’s surrounded by 8-hectares of protected nature reserve, that is home to a variety of natural wonders. The luxury tent in which you’ll sleep faces the pristine white beach and turquoise waters for which the island is renowned, and you’ll also get to spend your time split between water and boating activities, snorkelling with turtles and visiting the local village and its friendly people.

Day 3: Baobab Beach – Nosy Komba
Leaving the charms and luxury of Eden Lodge behind, you’ll travel by speedboat to the exotic island of Nosy Komba. Famous for the many families of lemurs that call its tropical forests their home, you will certainly encounter these cute indigenous creatures on more than one occasion during your stay on the island. Your accommodation will be the Tsara Komba Luxury Eco-Lodge, which is settled directly on a private beach and surrounded by tropical botanical gardens.

Day 4: Nosy Tanikely
Famed for its world-class snorkelling and diving, the fourth day of your Island Hopper Package will see you visit Nosy Tanikely. Spending only the day on this island, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the “natural aquarium” surrounding the island as you explore the underwater world of anemones and coral – as well as the creatures that frequent them! A walk to the lighthouse will top it all off, before you’re transferred back to Tsara Komba in the afternoon with the sun setting over the Ocean to bid you a good night.

Day 5-7: Nosy Komba – Tsarabanjina
After breakfast, you will be transferred via boat to the Tsarabanjina Lodge, which is situated on a picturesque island just 40 miles east of Nosy Be. The private island radiates an air of tranquillity as a gentle sea breeze and year-round sunshine welcome your arrival to its shores. Activities over the next two days will include such delights as leisurely walks around the island, snorkelling and scuba diving off one of the Four Brothers islands, fishing, playing a game or two of tennis, or sailing in the sheltered waters as you relax at the end of the day (and before you treat yourself to an onsite massage at the hands of the experienced masseuse!)

Day 8: Tsarabanjina – Nosy Be
As the 8th morning of your tour arrives, you’ll leave the island paradise of Tsarabanjina behind and make way for your final night of Magalasy luxury in the form of the Manga Soa Lodge. Artistically furnished with local Rosewood and the flair of Indonesian style, the Lodge is a relaxing and soothing end to a trip filled with wonder and luxury. After you’ve checked in, you’ll spend your final day visiting the local fishing village of Ambatozavavy before you take a stroll through the Mangroves. A ride aboard a traditional Pirogue will deliver you to the Lokobe Forest before you enjoy a traditional lunch in the village. The rest of the day will be spend exploring the dense rainforest in search of lemurs, chameleons, snakes and spiders, before you head to the handicraft market and top up on souvenirs for the friends and family you will return to tomorrow.

Day 9 – Home
As the sun rises on the 9th morning of your Luxury Island Hopping Package, you’ll prepare for the transfer to the airport that will deliver you back home. Regardless of what you’ve seen and done over the course of the 9 days, there is one thing of which you can be certain: all of it will be memorable; all of it will be special; and all of it will stay with you long after the last grain of sea sand has been cleaned from your feet.

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