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Madagascar Cities

Madagascar Cities

Madagascar, an island off Africa’s southeastern coast, is a place of incredible diversity. Its cities showcase different sides of this amazing country. Each city has its own unique charm, from Antananarivo’s lively streets to Antsirabe’s relaxing springs and colorful rickshaws, each city has its own charm. Antsiranana showcases breathtaking coastlines, while Fianarantsoa is rich in culture. Toamasina, with its busy markets and coastal beauty, adds another vibrant flavor to Madagascar. Continue reading to learn more about the history, culture, and natural beauty of these amazing cities.

Madagascar Cities you should visit


Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, is a lively city perched on hills. Locally known as ‘Tana,’ it’s a blend of old and new. Imagine narrow streets filled with colorful markets selling crafts and spices. The city is crowned by the Rova of Antananarivo, a historic palace offering stunning views. In Tana, you’ll hear traditional music and see bustling vendors selling local goods. Visit the Tsimbazaza Zoo to meet Madagascar’s unique wildlife or catch vibrant cultural shows. Tana is where Madagascar’s history, culture, and vibrant life come together.

Antananarivo, Madagascar Cities

Antsiranana, Diego Suarez

Antsiranana, also known as Diego Suarez, is a captivating city in Madagascar known for its stunning natural landscapes. Imagine crystal-clear waters, beautiful bays, and impressive rock formations. This coastal city is a paradise for beach lovers and adventurers alike. You can explore Amber Mountain National Park nearby, home to diverse wildlife and lush rainforests. Antsiranana offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy seaside relaxation and discover the incredible beauty of Madagascar’s northern coast.

Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Madagascar Cities
Antsiranana, Diego Suarez


Fianarantsoa, commonly known as ‘Fianara,’ renowned for its vibrant culture and scenic landscapes, stands as the twin city of Antananarivo within Madagascar’s Haute Matsiatra region. It’s often called the cultural capital, where traditional music and dance thrive. It’s a historic city nestled among hills, known for its relaxed atmosphere, famous wines, and teas.

Divided into three parts—the busy lower town with colorful shops, a more modern middle town with administrative buildings, and the upper town (“Antanambony”) on lvoneana hill offering great views. Walk around to discover its past, with pretty houses and a beautiful cathedral nicknamed the “Vatican of Fianarantsoa.”



Toamasina, a bustling city in Madagascar, is a vibrant coastal hub known for its lively atmosphere and trade. Imagine colorful markets filled with fresh produce and local crafts. Aplty named “like salt” or “salty”, this city boasts beautiful beaches and a lively port. Home to the renowned Pangalanes Canal starting in Toamasina, spanning an impressive 700 kilometers. This extensive waterway serves as a crucial route for transportation and treats travelers to magnificent scenic vistas throughout its length.

Explore popular attractions, including:

  • Fort Manda
  • Parc Ivoloina
  • Pandora Club
  • Phare de l’Île aux Prunes
  • Mahanoro Porte Du Canal Des Pangalanes

The city of Toamasina is a place where you can experience the rhythm of daily life, explore the local culture, and enjoy the coastal beauty.

Pangalanes Canal, Toamasina


Antsirabe, a beautiful town in the collection of Madagascar cities, is famous for its relaxing atmosphere and natural beauty. It’s a place where hot springs bubble and colorful rickshaws add charm to the streets. You can soak in the soothing thermal waters or explore nearby Ranomafana National Park. This town is known for traditional music and dance, giving you a taste of Madagascar’s vibrant culture. Antsirabe is a gateway to the lush highlands and stunning tea plantations, offering a peaceful escape and a chance to experience the island’s serene beauty.

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