Small Animals of Madagascar

Small Animals of Madagascar

Did you know the world’s tiniest chameleon species calls Madagascar home?

The Brookesia micra chameleon, which is found only in Madagascar is as small as the head of a matchstick. It however, is not the only minuscule critter to be found on the island, there are some other small animals that warrant special attention.

In fact, some of the world’s smallest creatures are found here. Another example of how the millennia of isolation that the animals have developed in contributes to their uniqueness. There is even a tiny lemur, the Mouse lemur which is just under 10cm long, of which most of that length is its tail. We’ve compiled a list of some of Madagascar’s smallest animals.

Brookesia micra chameleon

Chameleons are found in abundance in Madagascar, it’s unlikely that you won’t spot one on a trip to a National Park or reserve. However, for the minuscule Brookesia micra chameleon you will need to have incredibly sharp eyesight. These tiny brown chameleons live amongst the leaves of the forest floor and are smaller than a thumbnail. Luckily most Malagasy guides know exactly where to look and how to spot them.

Pygmy mouse lemur

Pygmy mouse lemur
Pygmy mouse lemur

Lemurs are another animal that are found in abundance in Madagascar. Not only are there many of them, there are many different types of them – the variety is really amazing. From large almost small child sized lemurs to the small little Pygmy mouse lemur.

Stumpffia kibomena frog

These miniature frogs are known for their bright red bellies. Their scientific name actually comes from two Malagasy words that mean red belly (“kibo” is belly and “mena” is red). These 18 to 21mm were only recently discovered and classified.


A tenrec is a small to medium-sized mammal that belongs to the family Tenrecidae, which is found primarily on the island of Madagascar and some surrounding islands, as well as in parts of Africa. Tenrecs are known for their diverse and unique characteristics, making them fascinating creatures in the world of zoology. These little hedgehog-like creatures are nocturnal and scurry about the forest floor at night. While they resemble hedgehogs they are actually an adorable species of their own.

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