The BEST Walking Safaris in ZIMBABWE

The BEST Walking Safaris in ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe, famous for Victoria Falls and Cecil the Lion, is becoming a popular walking safaris destination. The country, wedged between Botswana and Mozambique, is a dream destination for walking safaris. Why’s that? It’s got dreamy landscapes (as different as the sun and moon), highly-trained guides, unique type of tours, and fantastic wildlife – with a guarantee to see the Big Five. Walking safaris in Zimbabwe offer a unique way to experience the African wilderness, and are typically led by highly experienced and knowledgeable guides who are well-trained in wildlife behavior, tracking, and wilderness survival.

Zimbabwe - Mana Pools - Camp Mana
Zimbabwe – Mana Pools – Camp Mana

Walking Safaris in Mana Pools

Steve Bolnick from Camp Mana, is a well-known figure in the safari industry, particularly in Zimbabwe. He is associated with a high standard of guiding and wildlife experiences. He grew-up with a deep love for the African bush and has spent many years living and guiding in southern Africa. In Mana Pools, walking safaris often involve exploring the riverine forests, floodplains, and open woodlands on foot. Guests may have the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and numerous bird species. Mana Pools elephants are known for their relatively tolerant behavior towards humans. This is partially due to years of peaceful coexistence between elephants and people in the park. As a result, visitors to Mana Pools often have the opportunity to observe elephants up close and may even encounter them while on foot during walking safaris. ne unique behavior exhibited by Mana Pools elephants is their ability to stand on their hind legs to reach higher branches of trees. This behavior, known as “up-ending,” allows them to access nutritious foliage that is out of reach for other herbivores. Observing elephants up-ending is a memorable sight for visitors to the park.

Zimbabwe - Mana Pools - Camp Mana (2)
Zimbabwe – Mana Pools – Camp Mana (2)

Walking Safaris in Matobo National Park

Walking safaris are not just about seeing bugs, animal droppings, and paw prints; exciting and adrenaline-pumping walking tours are on offer too. David Waddy from Big Cave Camp offers walking safaris with rhino in Matobo National Park. He says, “Our walking experience only takes place with a limited number of guests to view white rhinos up close on foot. Guests spend a large amount of time observing these rare species in their natural surroundings.”

But it’s also possible to do a walking patrol with the anti-poaching unit who protect the rhino. The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit is a non-profit organisation that take guests along for a few hours as part of their anti-poaching unit in the bush. Guests help the unit on their mission to conserve local wildlife. In the south of Zimbabwe, Camp Amalinda offers historical walks in the impressive Matobo Hills with over 2000 San rock art sites. “They hold spiritual significance of bygone rituals – guests will leave with the knowledge of their trials and tribulations,” says owner Sharon Stead.

The camp also offers walking safaris with black and white rhino in the Matobo National Park. “The most unforgettable safari experience is approaching these magnificent, endangered species in their natural environment,” says owner Sharon Stead. Guiding is a tradition that is passed down from one generation to the next. As Zimbabwe still has large urban communities, many people still live very connected to the land and its animals and nature. The tourism industry in Zimbabwe values its educated, trained and professional guides.

Big Cave Camp - Matobo Walking Safaris
Big Cave Camp – Matobo Walking Safaris

I believe that Zimbabwean guides are some of the best trained and knowledgeable guides in Africa. The apprenticeship that is required is not replicated anywhere else in Africa. The overall literacy of Zimbabwean guides, means that guests can expect clear, enthusiastic and concise communication, to give an overall high-quality experience” says David Waddy from Big Cave Camp.

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