Exploration of luxury at Tsarabanjina

Exploration of luxury at Tsarabanjina

It exists…..Paradise. I have found it, have experienced it, and am in love with it. In my many years of travel, never have I seen a location more breathtaking than the luxury at Tsarabanjina. Truly, no coastline, no game reserve, no island can compare in natural, outstanding beauty and tranquillity. Situated in the north-western part of Madagascar, about 40 nautical miles from Nosy Be, Tsarabanjina is one of the paradisiacal islets of the Mitsio Archipelago: the Mountain islet, fringed by white sandy beaches with its extraordinary birds, its lush vegetation and completely ringed by coral reefs.

As the boat approaches the island, you can hardly believe the colour of the water – so turquoise you think it has been “photoshopped”, yet this is reality. The warmest welcome awaits you as the staff run to the beach to wave you in, and the sheer beauty of the location actually leaves you speechless.

I am not a person to sit still in one place for long, and the thought of a tropical island 1.5 hours boat ride from civilization can sustain me for a mere few days – just long enough for me to recall what it is like to slow down.  In the two full days, I spent at Tsarabanjina however, slow down I did not!  Swimming, waterskiing, walking, exploring, scuba diving, volleyball, snorkelling trips to other islands, table tennis, boat trips, kayaking, AND massage are all activities I managed to fit into my sadly short yet wonderful experience.

My companions (akin to a spot of relaxing), advised they could easily spend two weeks of this luxury at Tsarabanjina.  For myself, a week would be comfortable for one with such itchy feet, and that is saying a lot for a person who cannot sit still!

Mealtimes are nothing short of sensational. An immensely varied buffet was laid out for lunch, with smoked fish, zebu salad, rice, pasta, cheeses, bread, a variety of vegetables, and not to forget the cold papaya soup – an incredible experience. Our host playfully quipped that one should really drink from the bowl, as to use a spoon would be a waste of time. After my first slurp, I completely understood his sentiment.

If you build up enough appetite, you can indulge yourself at tea time with freshly baked biscuits, cakes and a vast offering of tea, shortly followed by dinner – a choice of fine food from the menu. On several occasions, I had to sneak off to my bungalow with a well-rounded tummy to digest horizontally in my hammock, as I watched the waves lap onto the white sand and the incredible vista as a backdrop.

The cocktail list is impressive for a tropical island, but let’s be honest – with mango, pawpaw, coconut and pineapple growing naturally on the island, and rum being the speciality of Nosy Be, who can resist the tropical offerings of alcoholic wonders?  Each of the 25 simple yet charming bungalows is the same; positioned on the north or south beach, and containing a double bed, en-suite bathroom and lovely private balcony with two hammocks and chairs. The North beach bungalows are elevated slightly higher than the beach, and the South bungalows are situated on the beach itself.

For privacy, my preference would be North Beach as no one will walk in front of your bungalow by accident. Tsarabanjina has a perfect balance – privacy and space to relax and do nothing but gently rock in your hammock or rest on a small private beach, or in total contrast, partake in plenty of activities to suit “ants in your pants” people like myself.

Beauty and luxury at Tsarabanjina

It is absolutely my top pick for honeymooners in Madagascar – private beach dinners, excellent personal service, an exquisite location, adventure and places to explore if you so desire, and enough luxury to just being yourselves together.  Tsarabajina is the ultimate location for couples, be you, honeymooners, who are celebrating an occasion or just need some time and space to rediscover one another. You can’t be disappointed with an island so unique and rich in natural blessings it is an absolute feast for the eyes.

Knowing their core market, Tsarabanjina proposes some fantastic offers, specifically tailored to honeymooners and those celebrating wedding anniversaries. Even without a special reason for visiting, all guests will leave the island feeling fully refreshed, fulfilled, pampered and appreciative of what an incredibly diverse and spectacular piece of the world they have been privileged to experience.

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