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Travel suggestions for Madagascar

Travel suggestions for Madagascar

Madagascar is an island destination that might seem like any other island. Sure, if you’re on the search for tree-lined beaches that leave you feeling as if you’re the only person on the planet, or azure waters that play host to a dazzling variety of sea life, then it’s certainly a destination you ought to consider. However, if you’d like a dash of adventure served alongside your relaxing island paradise, then it’s THE destination for you! Travel adventure in Madagascar consists of fun that the whole family can enjoy right the way through to adrenalin junky action, Madagascar awaits you. Here are some of the adventures that may get your heart pumping

Kitesurfing and Surfing

Lovers of the ocean are likely to know the thrill and the rush that comes with catching waves and hanging ten. With some breath-taking and secluded surf spots on the menu, Madagascar is quickly becoming a popular travel destination for surfers from around the world. And without the crowds you can expect to find in Indonesia and other surf meccas, the world-famous waves of Flame Balls and Jelly Babies are guaranteed to get your pulse racing in anticipation of a stoke-worthy surf. Kite surfers are also guaranteed to be able to get their fix with idyllic sea and wind conditions on the island. Not only will you be able to enjoy kitesurfing in places like Fort Dauphin and Diego Suarez, but you’ll also be able to explore its waters in a unique and completely thrilling way.

Sea Kayaking and Sailing

While the season for sea kayaking in Madagascar is relatively short, it’s a very worthwhile endeavour for travellers looking to experience something special. With unique and unspoiled scenery around you, sea kayaking can be enjoyed around the Masoala peninsula and in Nosy Be. If you’re more of the sailing type, then you can add some local flair to your experience by boarding a traditional dhow for a sunset cruise. Sailing in Madagascar provides a picture-perfect way through which you can explore its secluded beaches and smaller satellite islands. If this interests you, why not look at one of our top kayaking packages

Hiking and Trekking

With the Andringitra Mountains towards to south, Madagascar is an ideal destination for lovers of a good hike. With trails ranging from the beautiful to the downright adventurous, there’s certainly something for everyone when it comes to exploring the island on foot. Canyon hikes are bountiful and provide a unique way to get up close and personal with the island’s natural beauty, while more extreme trekkers can take on the 13-day long challenge of the Tsaratanana traverse.

Diving and Snorkelling

Any island getaway can only be considered complete if it includes a dip into the deep, blue waters that surround it. With an array of tropical fish and rare turtles calling the island’s waters their home, Madagascar is a unique and memorable water-exploring experience for travellers in search of a scuba dive or snorkel. Nosy Tanikely is a must for lovers of snorkelling, while scuba divers can enjoy Madagascar Tulear, Nosy Be and Sainte Marie.

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